Nice mix on offense so far in this game knock on wood . A few different looks. Now if we can punch one in instead of a FG.

Great to see the offense moving the ball again.

Leggett playing good today. I though he was terrible against Ottawa.

A couple balls underthrown now......

Was just typing the same thing. Little underthrown on the deep balls when he's trying to lead the receiver. If he can fix that we'd be walking off with 6's instead of going for FGs.

I'm liking Dean Valli's game tonight, couple of penalties already. Hope he keeps that up.

We got a gift with that 15 yard roughing the passer. Much worse has gone uncalled.

Our short yardage sucks. Not getting that FG there ended up being a 6 point swing in BC's favour

Don't know how that was roughing the passer.

Surprising number of Bomber jerseys here tonight. :thup: First half was very frustrating (only leading by 3 at the half), but the second half has been GREAT. Very quiet in the stadium but I know Bomber fans are making enough noise for both teams! :smiley:

....Bogus comes to mind....Why do the refs. cheapen themselves and the game with calls like that :roll: ,,Still didn't make a huge dif. but I hate those calls when they are made on difference when they happen to the opposition...just b.s.

Nice win tonight. Much to like about the game.

Offense got back to what they did well in game 1 vs the Argos which is distribute the ball. Lot of touches for Moore and Denmark but quite a few guys got involved, including Carter with his first CFL catch and a nice catch and run to Fitzgerald. Oline looked solid as well. Good pass protection tonight. If there was a negative it was Grigsby - 15 carries 19 yards per stats page. Seems like it should've been more but he did have too many negative plays. Willy and Bryant aren't clicking either. Bryant cutting off the route late in the 4th leading to Willy's INT didn't help matters much. Hopefully Kelly's back next week.

Defense - what can you say - 2 INTs, 3 forced fumbles, and 6 sacks which all came from different players. A big thank you to Khari Jones who basically took Harris out of the playbook in the second half and put the ball into Glenn's and Becks less than capable hands. Harris had 11 touches and all but one or two came in the first half. Tackling on that Courtney Taylor catch and run could've been better but considering how poorly they tackled vs the Esks last week HUGE improvement is an understatement.

Also huge improvement in the penalty department compared to recent weeks.

Sad to see Woods have his big return negated. Aside from that return he wasn't spectacular, but it was nice to see a returner catching the ball again compared to the shenanigans back there with Cotton and Washington last week.

Cannot wait for Hamilton next week.

Well put wolverine.Spreading ball distribution, running the ball (successful or not) and keeping the D off the field were key.The D ,what can one say other than dominate!

How about, I finally got a prediction right

I get to quote myself again. Kudos to MadJack.....There are right now only 3 teams in this league and even with all our injuries, we are one of them...... Every time BC was in scoring position, either our D or Glenn stopped them. Kevin is consistent !...... I enjoy defensive games. I think an interception is far more exciting than a TD reception..... Now, a lot of posters on our forum are complaining about too many penalties in all games. I like what the refs are doing, call everything. I always complained about non-calls. They are my biggest problem. Refs do get 99% of their calls right but when they don't call a penalty, that irks me and affects the game. So now that they are calling everything, I find myself ignoring the penalties and concentrating on the next play, which is what the teams should be doing. The penalties don't bother me because they are mostly legit and should be called. If the fans and teams want less penalties, then it's up to the players to play according to the rules and not commit fouls. Simple. They know what will be called, so don't do it ! In the meantime I don't concern myself at all about what penalties were called and I'm enjoying this season so far....O ya, my boy Lirim is the real deal, like I said. We can get rid of Renaud anytime. I like Renaud, but we don't need him with a leg like Hajrullahu around.

Almost as entertaining as watching the Bombers win big amongst thousands of pissed off Lion fans last night was listening to the post game show on the radio on the way home. I think they're starting to understand why Glenn has had such a difficult time earning a starting spot in this league since leaving the 'Peg. After all these years he still can't avoid the brain cramps that prevent him from being considered an elite pivot; they better hope Lulay gets back soon..... :smiley:

Great road game for the Bombers, that BC oline is pretty weak and it showed.