Having played progressively worse in each game thus far, the Bombers look to turn things around by starting a two game road trip in Vancouver on Friday. The Lions come off back to back excellent efforts and open as 7 point favourites in what could be a difficult game to avoid a letdown. Much emphasis was given to demolishing the Als after their awful performance in Montreal in week two and that should work out well for Winnipeg, having looked comatose offensively against the Esks. The o-line will need to improve dramatically to pull off the upset while Greaves is still a couple weeks away from returning to the line-up.

Vega out, again underscoring our lack of depth there. Kashawn Fraser presumably comes back onto the roster with Richardson. I wonder if it may not be better going 3-4 in alignment this week with the way the roster is configured, Turner, Peach, and Anderson on the line and an extra NI LB lined up all over the place to blitz or drop in coverage.

Sears is doubtful, Leggett is back. There was talk over the weekend of Suber possibly finally getting on the field but I'm not sure who comes off unless you sit Washington. It won't be Randle or Bruce Johnson. Maybe Don Unamba sits at Suber comes in as a backup/rotational guy.

Howard and Knapp swapped at LG and RT, for now at least.

Kelly is practicing again, might send Bryant back to the inactive group. No big loss. I think they only threw once in Bryants direction vs the Als, maybe twice?

It will be a tough game to win. BC offence is in sync and Glenn looked solid last week. I just hope we show some fight and get our off. back on track.

BC has gotten Harris going which in turn has helped Glenn get going. Having Cornish in Calgary helped him have a lot of success as well. If we can check Harris, maybe we get the bad KG that we saw the first couple games of the year. Mind you, they also have Arceneaux back and they clearly missed him those first couple weeks as well. A guy like him elevates that entire receiving group and he really showed it vs the Als I thought. He'll be a challenge to shut down.

Unlike Montreal, Winnipeg should have more success in passing and pressuring Glenn. If Winnipeg is to beat BC, a strong running attack is necessary because BC has the best pass defense in the league. Unfortunately, Winnipeg run offense seems to be below average. Matchup of least penalized (BC) versus most penalized (Winnipeg)? Of course, BC should win as in all 5 previous meetings.

That's the truth. It would be quite difficult to have less success.

The 2 BC wins were against a struggling Sask team and an even more struggling Mont team. I think they're ripe for the picking. GO BOMBERS !

What is with this team and injuries? Every week some other key piece goes down. I know other teams have injuries as well, but this is getting ridiculous already. We need all our guns to keep pace in the west, Especially on the offense. Watson is our new buck pierce, can't stay healthy. I Think the loss of Kelly is bigger then most think, willy and him had some great chemistry going and allows others to be effective if defenses have to worry about him. Hope he can come back.

But again our main problem is oline, just not sure we have the bodies at the position. I know it's early here but I feel like this game is big for this team. Will they trend up or down? Need to win in the division and keep BC behind us. Hope they are ready for a battle because BC is clicking right now.

....Sears out ..'again'...Watson and Sears and their health are something the Bombers will have to come to grips with...Too many days on the ir for these guys and it's hurting the team...I think IF the Bomber d can spend as much time in the lions backfield as they did against the esks., we'll have Glenn unnerved....Get him running around and throwing it up and we have a good chance of coming away with 2 points....Apparently Glenn suffered a knee issue in their last outing..IF he's not a 100 percent , this could be a bad sign for the leos ... Should be a good game and one we need to get back on track.. :rockin:

Reports say it looks like Bryant still working with the first team offense in place of Kelly. Kuale added to the list of walking wounded after someone stepped on his foot in practice yesterday.

Aaron Woods back to returning kicks. Hopefully he has a better game in BC than he did last year (fumble on the opening kickoff).

Woods couldn't possibly be as bad as Cotton was in the last game; good move putting him back in there.

Geroy Simon will be honoured at half-time, maybe the Bombers could persuade him to fill in for Kelly instead of Bryant..... :slight_smile:

Not really:

Stats Junkie knows his stuff. I had no idea that football in BC goes back to 1888.

....Freaky stuff....makes me wonder sometimes if we aren't snake-bit...I see we aren't the only one though...B.C's kicker Schmitt was injured on his scooter not far from the leos practice facility on Tues....Buono says he hurt his shoulder and may not be available for the game :roll: ..

Winnipeg was lights out in game 1.

Game 2 they won again, but not nearly as emphatically.

Game 3 they won by the skin of their teeth on the last drive.

Game 4 they were soundly beaten.

So the trend is downwards.

BC started off with 2 losses, looking pretty bad, enough so to cause their coach to say "we suck."

Then they rang of 2 straight wins, and looked mighty good.

So the trend there is upwards.

Plus, they're at home for this one.

So, all logic says BC should win this one.

So, therefore, I'll predict a Winnipeg victory. :smiley:

I don't know MJ, after what they just did to Montreal :oops: , I'm not holding my breath for a win.
I just want to see it be competitive.

The Lions were really excited to play the Als last week and now comes the big letdown (or so I hope). They play Calgary next week, so this game could be what is commonly referred to as a "sandwich game", meaning they might well be looking ahead and not worrying too much about a team they know they should beat. Even with Sears, Vega and Kelly out of the line-up, thinking the Bombers will bounce back and play well enough to stay close at the very least. Taking the 8 1/2 points (up from 7 earlier) and going with Winnipeg to cover the spread and perhaps even win the game outright! :smiley:

So far, Schultz of TSN is 5-12 ATS and now favors Winnipeg +8. In previous seasons, fading Schultz was mostly profitable. Unlike basketball, injuries tend to be less important in football because of adequate replacements on large rosters.

Interesting article in the Vancouver Province this morning:

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Pretty fortunate to have that ball early from KG go off Arceneux's fingertips. He makes that catch he's gone with Leggett and Randle trying to play catchup.

But a rushed throw due to pressure.