Bombers @ Lions

Finally I have a stream in the US but it works only on Firefox or Chrome and it takes a download of vShare to make it work:

[url=] ... BC%20Lions[/url]

It's the ESPN3 feed but at least it is in HD too. :slight_smile:

There is hope, for the counterattack on that internet gestapo has succeeded. :rockin:

See you all after halftime, and I hope this one is as good as were the last two games anyone trying to watch online from outside of Canada probably missed too.

Just got home from the Cats - Argos game. Close one here as well. Looks like the Leos receivers are having the dropsies again.

Glenn/Porter - Lemon/Bell = Great game :thup:

Take away those and the fumbles, too many men, lazy tackles etc and BC would be sitting pretty in this one!

How does Chapdelaine still have a job? Does he know about intermediate and short passes? Why does every play have Lulay looking way downfield, even on 2nd and 5?

Screens? Short curls? Hitches? Apparently none of these passes are in Chapdelaine’s vocabulary. It’s just bombs away all day on posts and corners.

Chap is awful… always has been. I suspect this will be his last season at OC as Wally sas stated he’ll be stepping down after the season… time for some fresh blood!


Well, this one's over. :lol:

What's up with Lulay and tbis BC offence? Yikes! :o

What's up with Lulay and tbis BC offence? Yikes! :o

What's up with Lulay and tbis BC offence? Yikes! :o

What's up with Lulay and tbis BC offence? Yikes! :o

Swaggerville is now playing volleyball on d. Man they are playing well as much as I hate to admit this.

4-0 on the week. Thanks BC! :smiley:

MKP_CFLfan = perfect week once again

I am 16-4 for the last 5 weeks. I mostly pick the teams I do not want to win. Shows how much this season sucks for me, sigh

Alright Wall-E, time to start waving the flag.

come wally, games over, put mikey in for some play time reps

I think I spotted Lulay being the waterboy

It was definitely a first down on 3rd-and-10, but that was still a generous spot. :lol:

Why is Pierce still in? :expressionless: