Bombers @ Lions

The game is just around the corner… The debut of Bruce… Should be interesting! better be a Lions win tonight!

Need a Bombers win to go 4-0....Go Big Blue!

Need a Leo’s W to go 4-0… :slight_smile:

Bomber win puts me at 3-1, even at 4-0 it will be tough down the stretch to catch the front runner?

Leos looking good so far...

Tim Brown - TD 7-0 Leos

Looked like a pretty obvious fumble, but a replay would be nice...

Ask and you shall receive!

BC never makes life easy for themselves...another fumble

Time for BC to break out the crazy glue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on...

Swaggerville...too funny. Do they know you can't polish @#$% into a diamond?

lol'd at Reid's cartoon feet. :lol:

A whole week of that swagger BS in Winnipeg and what's to show for it now?

But hey it's only one quarter and the odds are still against BC.

Big Fred Reid - nice run down to the two....Brink TD 10-7 Winnipeg

Ya. When's the last time they won a GC? They better work on winning the "swag" in said ville first.

I’m having zero luck getting this game online either despite otherwise more leads than for the previous two. :cry:

Meanwhile, in other football news, rejoice Canada as you just scored another try to go up 27-7 against our Team USA with only a few minutes left. It looks like you will pull the continental sweep en route to the Rugby World Cup.

1990 at B.C. Place....50-11 Winnipeg over Edmonton

I'm conflicted. I'd love to see Winnipeg lose, but I picked them in the VGCC. :lol: