Bombers @ Lions

Any Bombers or Lions fans up for this game? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

As dirty as it makes me feel, I'll be cheering for the Lions tonight. :?

WOW shotgun!

Nice catch by Arceneaux... Hopefully Jackson dosen't dry to bomb it every play for the rest of the game!

Why are we so bad against the run?

Yeah Lions are brutal against the run this year. First the Hamilton RB ran wild on them, Reynolds woke up against them, and now anyone running for the Bombers gets a 1st down each time. We need a younger Tyrone Williams, the guy was a run stopping force.

Is it really necessary to throw the flag on the ground before telling us there was no infraction? I think we can figure it out without visual aids

This is the mechanic that official use to waive off a flag. In US College, they hang on to the flag, and waive it above their head. In the NFL, they just verbalize that there is no flag. Recall two years ago when Ed Hochuli said, "there is no flag on the play for holding; the defender was overpowered."

The benefit of having a unique mechanic is that if for some reason the audio isn't working (remember the CBC broadcasts a few years ago?), then simply seeing the Referee use this mechanic, you will know what's going on. If he doesn't throw his hanky to the ground in front of him, he could be telling you that #50 is reporting as eligible for all you know. :wink:

Lions look bad. One good drive with the 1 handed TD grab, otherwise it's all Bombers with their running game and a half decent Bishop!


He ro, looks like you found your match. I feel a battle of witts coming :wink:

How in the hell did B.C. give up 179 yards rushing in the FIRST HALF?!?!?! :o Saying B.C. is terrible against the run is a bit of an understatement. They might as well not even put their defence on the field. I don't want to take anything away from Winnipeg's running game. Obviously these guys are playing well. However, when you give up 179 yards in just two quarters... I'd say your defence is absolute garbage. So much for going 2-0... :?

Why are these lesser teams always seem to play better against us?

And then teams like the Ticats showed up for our games then did show up against the Riders, etc

I kind of wish B.C. had shown a little more aggressiveness and gone for it on third down. It didn't look like they had much left to gain. A yard, maybe a yard and a half. If they'd given it to Mallett, he probably could've gotten the first down. Instead they kicked a long field goal, and the kicker was way off. They walked away with nothing.

Maybe BC is the 'lesser team' in this game :slight_smile:

Not done yet though so, we'll see :slight_smile:

Man these Bombers are running at will....I havent seen this in the CFL in a long time. Usually when a team gets big rushing yards like Hamilton a few yrs ago with Lumsden, it's because of really long runs but this game is just full of 10-25 yard runs. Lining up 10 yards back like their RBs do gives them great momentum when they get the ball. /sigh

Lesser team. LMAO

Guess I spoke too soon on them lacking the long rush.....

Disgraceful rushing D tonight. Game over with 10 minutes left.

Jarious was 4/4 and a TD early in the game..... 10/19 and 3 INT since.

BC Place used to be a tough place to win. :cry:



Nice Touchdown Defence!


Cripes! B.C. should be embarrassed with the way they're playing tonight. These guys will probably want to go into hiding for a while...

I just cant believe you know they are going to know they've run all game, and you still keep giving up 10-20 yard runs. It's laughable.

When is the last the time the Bomers won a Grey Cup...LMAO