Bombers/Lions - Week 6

Justin Goltz and Jovon Johnson are questionable for the game meaning Max Hall may get the start and the secondary may get a boost.

Also Desia Dunn and Jeremy McGee are likely to return from injury.

Goltz was hobbling late in the game vs Stamps and they're saying the injury is worse than originally thought, so we'd be down to Hall and Buck as the only QBs available? Yikes, hope Hall is durable.

Johnson is hurt but considering Burkes comments about the vets making too many mistakes in the secondary, if they play better than they have without him on the field we could be saying so long to Johnson sooner rather than later.

Any news on Matthews?

According to Bob Irving's twitter Matthews practiced today and its looking like he's a go barring any setback.

Another man down though with Demond Washington questionable for Mondays game vs the Lions.

The secondary has had it's issues, but they've been rotating players & positions each game. If we could ever get some consistency back there I think we'll see an improvement.
We all know that rookies will have mistakes, but JJ/C. Muamba/Suber and even Stewart have had regular breakdowns. these guys are supposed to be stepping it up during injury time, not be a liability.
Would be great to have another threat for Goltz in Mathews, hopefully we see the O improve.
Good to see BC's weaknesses last game, but maybe poor timing. Will they blow 2 in a row?

depth chart changes (46 man-

Boulay in for Ryan Lucas

Matthews in for Isaac Anderson

Mcgee and Dunn for Washington and Pndelton

Gilmore for Harris

Rene Stephan for Teague Sherman

Not sure which will end up on the 4 man but good to see a number of names coming back on the active roster from the sick bay. Hopefully Washington isn’t out for long. Johnson looks in line to start after there being some question earlier in the week if he’d be able to play.

Woods was unnoticeable as a returner last game, and gets himself noticed for all the wrong reasons to start this game. He may have punched a ticket for himself out of Winnipeg.

Johnson with one of the best halves of football I’ve seen him play in recent memory.

Agree with you on JJ, He's stepped up today. But I disagree with Woods. Ya, the first touch sucks when you fumble (especially for us), but he has shown some spark. Besides, who hasn't had fumblitis on returns for us? He stays for awhile barring some terrible plays in the 2nd half.

Woods did make a good effort to grab one of McCallum's corner kicks before it went out of bounds to get a few extra yards on the no yards call. He danced around a bit too much in the endzone costing the team a few extra seconds later in the game instead of just conceding the single immediately. He had a couple of decent kick returns though, nice job running over Bighill, not sure if he's really shown himself capable of being a big return guy to this point.

It'll be interesting to see if Goltz is able to start avoiding theses stretches where he's inconsistent with his throws. That was one of the things Brink was really bad at his first couple of years, throwing too many balls into a receivers feet. Edwards completely fell out of the picture when he should be one of the receivers Goltz could rely on. Denmark with a less than stellar day as well. Overall a much better effort from the team than we've seen this season. Can they build on it?

Not a bad effort from the defense but Goltz and the receivers didn't have their best game. Did they even throw to Etienne once today? O-line did a nice job for a change; Lions didn't blitz as much as other teams have, giving Goltz more time to throw; unfortunately he wasn't terribly accurate today, and when he was, the receivers let him down a few times.

I recall only 1 toss Etienne's way which was off target.

Why do teams , us tonight when needing a yard or bit more ,hand the ball off 6 yards deep. Stupidest call in the football. Your giving the def a chance and making it a 7 yard run needed instead of 1 or 2 ! Also, Renaud was embarrassed tonight by a Mcalum .

14 of the Bombers' 20 points were scored off of turnovers. Goltz's accuracy on sideline patterns is absolutely terrible.
The Bombers lost because Goltz just wasn't good enough. The backups on other teams are better than Justin.

Goltz may improve his accuracy over the course of the season, but by then our defense will be in tatters & our record will be 1-17.

Passing was terrible, but I think you have to stick with Goltz. I believe our offence will NEVER be good until we get somebody on the sidelines that can mentor/coach them.

I think you have to give any QB 3 or 4 games to see what he's got even though I serious doubts about Goltz's accuracy and strength on that arm. Could just be a mechanics thing though so you have to give him a couple more gaes to see if he can correct it, if not, nextttttttt.

I agree, give him 5 or 6 games and see what's what. It hasn't been a complete disaster , we need to invest in somebody. Can't have revolving QBs every 2 games. The offence needs consistency at the QB position to be able to function properly. Maybe next O.C. hire should have CFL experience , not what we have in crowton, a year and counting and still having issue's grasping the CFL game. Case and point , Shotgun formation and handing off 6 yards deep, when all you need is your QB to fall over for the 1st down .

Whoa easy there. Sure he made some nice coffin corner kicks but when it mattered most he shanked one out of bounds with an illegal kick penalty to boot. I think that's way worse than anything Renaud did. Maybe they need to see if Palardy's any better at the coffin corner, Renauds never been very good at those.

As for Goltz, I think we've seen why Buck was anointed as the starter so long ago. Goltz did not play well in the preseason game vs the Ticats and he's shown himself to be wildly inconsistent and a work in progress. He'll get more than a couple of games, and having the bye week coming up he gets some offtime to let that ankle/foot heal. I would give him a third of the season to show gradual improvement. After 6 games he needs to show that taking every snap in practice and games are paying off and he's starting to eliminate some of those targeting issues and not leading the offense into these lulls. I think if he can get to and over the 50% completion percent hump this team can start winning some games. I think his arm strength is good, certainly better than what I saw of Elliott. He's not setting himself and making good throws. That should be correctable with good coaching and a QB willing to accept coaching. We'll see.

Much improved showing and spirited effort from the secondary. That's not easy to say considering Lulay completed 72% of his passes, but at least it's down from the almost 90% of the last few weeks though. The D has been killer on the ground game. Cornish put up 88 yards on the ground but most of that was late with the game out of reach where they were just pounding the ball with him to help grind out the clock. Then keeping Harris down to under 60 yards vs BC after all the talk he was going to get 100 yards for 3 straight games. I used to think the run D was good only because teams stopped running the ball because it was so easy to throw against us but really, they way they've held some of the best rushers down the last few weeks has been impressive.

Those coffin corner kicks swung the momentum of the game and we were pinned deep for a entire Q. FG kicking , we had a slight edge, I'll agree. If Renaud hits his punts inside their 5 , I'm thinking we have a different result.

We had a slight edge in FG kicking? Both sides were bad on that end. Macallum had his miss but Palardy's miss was way worse from a shorter distance and came at a time early in the game where nailing it and rewarding the offense for a decent drive early might've helped boost the offense rather than being an emotional let down. I must say with Dickenson's arrival I had higher expectations for the special teams. Instead only the kick cover team is really playing well. Kick returns have been average and palardy and renaud are status quo with their inconsistencies