Bombers, Lions Injury Reports: Monday, Sept 27

TORONTO — The BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their injury reports on Monday ahead of their game on Friday night.

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Rumour has it that the Bombers will have both Wilson and Richardson back on defence. That only leaves Mercy out and he's gone for the year. To underscore how good the Bombers defence is this will be the first time that they have had more than 9 starters available due to injury, having played most of the year with only 8 and Jefferson and Jeffcoat constantly nursing injuries and not practicing. As I've said before, much like Canada in international hockey, the Bombers second twelve could easily be in the top 5 defences in the league.


Looking at it from the other side of the fence, I am not seeing gobs of defence from the Winnipeg defensive backfield!!!! So, I will go with BC as my "Pickem"

Jon… you make some good points with the Bomber D.

But just an FYI Mr. Burnham is back off the list finally and he can become a game changer. Also Riders gave the Lions Big D a wake up call so… put your boots on because we have a game coming up.

This should be a good game for the Lions in their Week 9 match-up coming off that tough loss to the Riders. I am taking the Bombers however on the road again. I would like to see the Lions win this huge game for their small loyal fan base, just like my hometown Argos. :rofl:

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Based on the form chart, Reilly being infuriated because he couldn't close it out vs. The Green Riders - I have to pick BC by 4 to 8 pts. In fact, if Reilly starts blowing up Richie Hall's stern defense, it could be a vast blow out; particularly if Andrew Harris, Willy Jefferson & Jeffcoat are all held out.

Even with Harris, Jefferson & Jeffcoat at full power I'd pick BC but only by 1.5

Lyle… I like your style and I take the Lions on this underdog at home Friday Night also.

Aceguy I appreciate your understanding as a TO fan but I’m still pissed regarding that last Grey Cup in Winnipeg… it cost me an Argo Golf shirt to a close friend who is also a boat man.

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All is good.
True, Bombers are due.....
But the best is yet to come

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Yep this will be a good one. can't wait, but my money is on the Bombers they just look way to good right now.

Although I believe the Bombers are near the league lead in interceptions, I wasn’t specifically referring to any part of their defence as being the best other than Jefferson and Jeffcoat. They have a starting defensive lineman and a starting linebacker back tomorrow. On the other hand they could be rusty after a bye. If they handle BC as easily as they handled Sask that would be scary. Although a Bomber fan, I’m not unrealistic and recognize the Bombers likely won’t win out so BC could win. I only know for sure that the Bombers won’t lose to Ottawa this year.

No matter who wins, this one should have us all sitting on the edge our seats. Two great teams, I hope Campbell will show some enthusiasm to keep BC psyched.

Yup, it's a gooder alright! :+1: