Bombers, Lions Injury Report: Schoen, Adams limited on Mon.

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and BC Lions have shared their injury reports ahead of their Thursday night game at IG Field.

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Schoen has been a constant “maybe” on the Bombers rosters this year. But so far he hasn’t missed a game - perhaps only a few reps inside games.

Stats aren’t quite as brilliant as last season - but he’s still in the Top 4 of CFL WRs. Obviously, some body damage that allows him to play but restricts his speed and freedom, stretching out, etc.

the whole Bombers offense is just not quite as potent as last year and Shoen’s output is suffering as well.

Yes that is true. By now I thought that everyone knew that O’Shea lists all his so called injured as “QUESTIONABLE” even the ones he intends to play. He is afraid the opposition won’t be surprised when he has to finally posts his depth chart the day before the game. As if the opposition game plans for who their opponent will be. LOL

Yup, its always more honourable to just put a dash, right?

Also, I’m sure Kenny Lawler is getting some targets that would have otherwise gone to Schoen.


True dat. But Collaros is getting less and less time to do his downfield reads. His giant all-star OTs are constantly on roller skates and being over-powered. His centre is a huge question mark. Geoff Gray is a slightly above average run blocker but a porous pass blocker. Pat Neufeld is still solid - but at 35 he occasionally runs outta gas and lets mediocre DTs shoot the gap and spook Collaros.

Also notice that when Collaros hits his receivers (which he does more often than not) there’s usually a DB draped over the WR with another guy poised to eviscerate the receiver!


Surprised Parker didn’t dress to rotate.

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Yeah but holy crap we dressed a LOT of linebackers for this one.

they need to with the pass recivers the lions have, gonna run the ragged

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