Bombers Likely Won't Face Calvillo

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Not sure where you get the idea that he's likely not playing.

Yes, there's a chance, but "likely"?

From the article, "[i]Thursday, following which it should be clearer whether the veteran will play at Winnipeg on Saturday afternoon...

Calvillo said he's preparing for the Blue Bombers as though "I am playing," and claimed the injury has dramatically improved from Sunday, when it occurred against Hamilton....

"Obviously we want to play him," Trestman said. "But not if he's not physically ready."[/i]

Doesn't matter. Hamilton controls their own destiny and winning their three remaining games renders the Blue Bombers' outcomes irrellvant. Not sure how liekly that is, but it is quite possible

Should be interesting how the Als show up for the game against Peg weather there on a western vacation or bring their #1 game, I think It will be a semi vacation.

Actually I hope that they rest AC anyways....

It was fun watching McPherson last week. It has been a long while since Ive enjoyed watching someone else at QB for the Als. I see them taking their foot off the pedal this week plus they have a few nagging injuries (Emry, Sanchez)

I would much prefer to see the Cats make the playoffs, so lets hope the backups can get the job done.

You don't understand football players, when they step on the field they play for real and any player that thinks he's on vacation will be gone.

All the talk of a change of QB possibly giving an edge to WPG is comical.

Als defense will be champing at the bit to prove last week wasnt a sign of growing weakness.
Especially the d-line and DBs.

Unfortunately for WPG Glenn haunts them again by waking up the Als.

Two straight games Al's defense gives up the long ball with no pressure/sacks???
Not bloody likely. ..

And Bishop is still Bishop.

And, I hope Calvillo is hurt so that it would reduce the Als chances of beating us in the eastern final. :wink:

After all, we will go 3-0 to finish the season 9-9, so it won't matter a smidgen what the Blue Bombers do.

The latest report from Montreal following the Als' last practice (Thursday) before flying to the 'peg on Friday morning:

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