Bombers/Leos opener

....Built in excuse if we come-up empty tonight....Away game in the home of the Cup champs,too many injuries, a lot of newbies BUT...i'm going to be looking for an A-1 effort from all of our rooks to go along with a revamped offence...We're going against a top notch team in a lot of departments... some say we haven't got a prayer... IF we can manage to get Lulay off his game and rattle the new coach, who knows...Time to get this season under way...GOBOMBERS :thup: :rockin:

The cards are stacked against us. BC is a good measuring stick to determine our needs. AH, enough cliches, I think the guys are gonna play great and kick some ass. I'm with ya ,Papa. GO BOMBERS!!! I can hardly wait. At least we have a pretty good match-up to watch beforehand.

This is one of those games that if you win its bonus...

Big test for the offense, the Oline and how they handle the pass rush and Crowton's playcalling will be tested well. Buck get the ball out early and connecting with his receivers and not getting hit repeatedly will go a long ways to getting the O in a rhythm. A start like they had last week vs the TiCats could spell a long nite for them. And if the O struggles, will need a big nite from Reynaud to put the Lions deep on their end to start drives. Of all teams the blue will face this is not one that they can afford a bad punting game against. Lulay has looked solid this preseason, like they skipped the entire offseason. On the defensive side, couple of changes on the Dline since the Grey Cup with no Brown and Vega out with injury. Secondary returns mostly intact from the Grey Cup, however the trio of linebacker starting tonite is a complete change from that game. Labbe/Kent/Bowman vs Labbe/Stewart/Doe - will it be an improvement? Lions got off to a great start in the Grey Cup game, and have gone so each of the preseason games. If the D can stymie them early, could go a long ways towards helping the Blue get an upset. Will be a tough task for sure though.

Oh come on guys! Positive thinking!

After watching the first 2 series for the bomber O I’m positive that there is a good chance BC ends up with at least 5 sacks. I’m positive that it will be a long nite having to listen to the announcers talk about Simon and the record with every other sentence seemingly. I’m positive that the D will have to start to learn not to give up points on opening drives of every game.

…What a crock of a call on West on the Washington return :lol: …I wonder if this will continue through the year :roll: Pierce looks like he’s in trouble again…bring on Alex for some reps. and if he can’t get it done bring in Joey…I wonder if this will be our storyline again this year…I can’t wait till Simon gets the record and we can actually concentrate on the game…The panel is still talking about the rider ham. game …during halftime of the Bomber/Lion game :lol: :thdn: Looks like were in for some serious dumping on games the Bombers are involved in this year…What a joke :thdn: :thdn:

Pierce/Brink/Elliott/anyone - when half your oline can't get a hand on someone before they get in your QBs face what difference does it make who your QB is. Absolutely dreadful, hard to think of a single play where they managed to give either brink or buck time to throw like Lulay had. Not that I'm knocking the bomber Dline though, they were getting good pressure for most of the game.

Against hamilton they ran some slants and tried to get the ball into receivers hands while they were in motion. Most of this game it seemed like the completions were to guys who ran curl routes, and short ones at that. They do a 4 man bunch formation, drawing defenders to the area, then throw an out to the guy that's furthest behind the line of scrimmage? No quite sure where this offense is going but its definitely not in the right direction at the moment.

Allright, so i never expected them to win tonight, Honestly, i was figuring it would be a huge blowout for the lions. It really wasn't. Don't matter who the qb is, if you get no protection from the hogs or i suppose piglets :wink: you dont stand a chance.

My take on this game..

Positives : Special Teams has improved considerably, we pulled off a nice fake and was about 1/2 yard away from pulling off another one. Very much improved for sure. Demond Washington excites me, think we have ourselves a legit returner there, BC even began to kick away from him or squib kick some also. Positive for sure. The Defense, Dline to Lb to DB, imo, it's the strength of our team. Swaggerville definitely lives. That was BC out there tonight, we hung in there, couple bad plays in the 4th and the score looks worse than what it was. This was a very close game for 3.5 quarters really.

Negatives: Buck Pierce, now like i said above, it dont matter who the qb is if he gets no protection, however in that first half really, 3 of 9 for 11 yards? Not all of that is on the OLINE, pierce hangs on to the ball for way too long, compared to lulay, takes 2 steps back, fires it in there.. Pierce takes 2 back, Pumps, pull its down, Pumps again.. SACKED. Yes im gonna say the oline was a negative but they did start to look better as the game progressed. Missing January was unfortunate, He brings a veteran presence on the line that is needed but BUCK looked brutal, hesitant and scared. I guess running for your life would do that to you also but.. At the same time, he needs to get rid of the ball quicker. Another Negative, lack of running game, 5 carries for 4 yards? you frickin kidding me? That probably has a lot to do with the Oline also but at the same time, Dorzon did not look good at all, he looked lost. Losing Garrett is a huge loss. Just gonna throw this negative out here also, basically i'd like peoples opinions and thoughts on it.. PLAYCALLING, was it lapos crapo offence cuz it sure looked like it, how much say does CROWTON have? he's up top inA the booth, I think Lapos still calling the plays and i dont like that at all. Not 100 percent convinced that Crowton was the guy calling those plays as a lot looked familiar to last years craptacular display.

Outside of that, Its week 1.. We had a lot of injuries, Not making excuses however, that front 7 of bc was probably the best test for this young oline, did they pass? not really but i wouldnt say they failed exactly either.

Also throwing this out there,understanding its week 1.. next week, week 2.. Who starts if buck is healthy? Right now, Honestly i'd say BRINK.

Just want to add this, k, not gonna rip the reffing, its cheap.. but.. i want to say this.. i need too really.. Demonds return that was called back? REALLY tho? even the tsn guys thought that was a bogus call, also on bc's first drive, lulay completes the pass to geroy, geroy is stopped at about the 7 yard line, they placed the ball on the 5 and gave bc a first down? why didnt we challenge that? To me on replay it was clear as day that geroy did not get to the 5. not even close really, next play.. TOUCHDOWN, challenge it, probably win, bc kicks a fg. I dont get why that wasnt challenged. Also, the hefney pass interference call on simon, now ive watched the cfl for a few years and i have seen that called PI and i've seen it not called PI.. why in this case was it called PI? simon was holding on to hef as much if not more than hef was holding on to him, how can it be a PI when it hits the db in the back? like i said, ive seen it called and not called, i just want some consistency there.

Very simple, your not allowed to impede the receiver's route if your back is to the ball. It was a good call. Hefney was running interference and he got called.

Biggest issue I saw was Buck frankly. For whatever reason, he looked lost. Held the ball way too long too many times. Does Dorzon realize he's expected to block? Lol. Simpson, Douglas, and January can't get healthy fast enough. I did like what I saw from Brink for the most part especially given the circumstances.

Defense- what can I say? Lots of pressure which is a good thing, no contain which isn't. Lulays scrambling has become 'Flutiesque'. He IS the league's best player. Still, I'll take our D over any in the league. We should probably get about ten sacks when we play the Argos. :wink:

Demond Washington. How nice it is to have a guy like him around! A highlight on a night when there werent many for us. Wish we could find an adequate punter.

That's not what Killer asked. He knows the ruling like all of us. He wants to know (and I asked the same hundreds of times) why was that one called and others exactly the same, not called ?...........Killer, I'm afraid the only consistency you'll see from the refs is inconsistency. The placement of the Simon catch and the hold on the Washington return especially were both BOGUS. What a good way to stifle momentum! Makes me wonder....

I don't think Dorzon is the right guy for the current Bombers. I'd bite the bullet and placea call to Reynolds today.

Brink has a quicker release and better pocket presence than buck! Buck has a history of injuries and him being banged up after a quarter in the season opener is worse case scenario for him. I hope Brink seizes the opputunity ,we need a consistent starter for a season.

I'm not sure using Simpson in place of Dorzon will fix anything. When there are 2-3 Dlineman in the backfield before the RB even gets the ball, is it going to make a difference? When the QB is rushing every throw to try get it out before he gets sacked for the fourth, fifth time is it going to change anything? Dorzon has some talent, so does simpson, Buck - love em or hate em for whatever reason - is better than what he showed. I've read comments that say he was too tentative but there weren't a lot of open receivers in the 2 seconds he had with the ball before being thrown to the turf. I don't think you can write any of them off based on the showing yesterday.

The fault for the Kelly-esque showing on offense IMO lies with the Oline, Lapo and Crowton, and Mack. There may be some ability on the oline but they are not ready for primetime And I don't think the coaching/playcalling was effective in responding to the aggressive rush of the Lions. For all the talk this camp about the qb's, the Rbs and receivers and crowton's new offence, not much has been said about the showing of the Olineman and we can see why. Not enough competition here in camp considering there were 2 starting positions open. There were way more DBs in competition for basically no spots. I think we have some guys who'll be able to play but they're young, they're green, and they have a long way to go. A healthy Douglas and January would provide a veteran presence and leadership that will help. Hard to imagine that for all their ability to bring in talented WRs and DBs that a guy like Taormina is the best import tackle they can find. Guy had his whole family up to BC to watch him play, he should be on the plane back home with them and not the team. I know they want to play 2 IMP tackles but if Douglas remains out but January is ready to go, i would play swiston over Taormina, Swiston is a NI and the team will benefit more in the long run from giving him the reps. Don't think Kowalczuk is up to playing centre and handling the playcalling for the Oline at the line of scrimmage. Until they show they can block someone they should expect other teams to follow what BC did. On the plus side, they can't play any worse, could they? Pat Delmonaco has a lot of work ahead of him.

And congrats to Geroy Simon. As annoying as suitor/cuthbert and all the non stop talk about him vying for Stegalls record was, kudos to the man himself. He's a great receiver, seems like a great guy and good speech. If i was picking someone to break Stegalls mark, he would've been on a very short list. Congrats Mr Simon.

Crazy to say, but there might be a QB controversy already. Lapo basically called Buck out when asked if the Oline was the problem and he said no, we have to get rid of the ball quicker.
Buck has flashes of greatness, but most of the time it's like lastnight. First option not there? Try to run.

LaPolice is delusional if he thinks the offensive line is not an issue. I realize Pierce is past his best-before date, but it's not like Brink did a whole lot better behind that O-line.

To be fair, Lapo said the o line wasnt the only problem, not that it wasn't a problem

I wouldn't expect Buck to blame the guys who are there to protect him and the ball ! I agree with Wolverine and his take on the O-line. I think the O-line are the most important positions on the field. I liken them to a goalie in hockey. You build the team from them out. You team may be able to score goals but if the goalie is out to lunch it won't matter much. The O-line will gel and get better....Wish I could say the same about the refs!