Bombers lay down a stinker

I'll take that bet.

Sambo just PM me with your trash talk of the eskies! Take it easy EE of course I would not do that! :lol:

Ok I'll be a witness to the bet :lol:

Impressive! EE's posts say nothing at all and he can do it in both official languages.

Ok , its a bet. Ill even go so far as to say Good Luck to Esks tomorrow, lets hope its a good close game, unlike the clunker we witnessed tonight!

Considering where the Eskimos stand right now, I couldn't imagine where they'd be without Ray or Tucker! LOLOL

Maybe they should sign Montford,
aaawwww shoot! They already tried that.

Brave man, EE.. you've given him a bet where he has almost nothing to lose and you could lose everything (since bashing is all you do). Brave indeed.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it EE has some points. We did lay down a stinker on offence. If we only have two players on offence, we are in trouble. With all the turn overs, it very hard to evaluate. Oh well, there are still good things happening. Going to Saskatchewan, bad part, to visit our son, good part. Have a good week end!

The BB's are finding out what its like and will go through what the Argos went through with out their number one QB. Thems the breaks.

Well they could do it again. He would come pretty cheap all he would cost at this point is the teams pride and dignity

i would say the bombers were exposed. still, I bet they will only need to win four of their last nine games to make the playoffs. the days of facing backups and a depleted edmonton d are behind them.
now, will my Riders choke again when facing a team on a three-game losing streak tonight? magic 8-ball says future is cloudy

…no way would Montford sign with Edmonton again…didn’t you see his interview after being released the second time?, talk about a stab to his heart…

...Bombers definitely need some depth at qb. ....Quinn sure dosen't look like the back-up needed .....Glenn and Stegall are obviously the main part of the offence....Berry says there will be re-assessment of the offence....what that sounds like to me are ...changes are on the way... :roll:

The Bomber D looked human (but still deserved to at least have a chance), and the Bomber O was god-awful. They need a CFL experienced backup. McManus, Crandell, even Greene. It's also goes to show that we don't exactly have any heirs to Milt's throne waiting in the wings right now.

As far as the grand scheme of things go, other teams capitalized on our injuries (& lack of quality QB depth), just like we did to others. 5-4 is a pretty fair record for the way things have gone. 10-8 will give you 2nd place in the East.

Very good post!

.....5-13 won't look good though....

it could be enough for 2nd in the East though....Taman is beating the bushes for some NFL cuts so help is on the way.

sadly a .500 season may get us a home playoff game this year. i would still be quite pleased with that. just in the playoffs was my expectation at the start of the season so to call a home game disappointing now would be foolish. i still think we will be able to hold off to and ham which would put us in a good position for the post season. how much does to want for bishop?? methinks a lot from us however if we could pull a three way deal with someone in the west the way we got glenn.... that could work.

What did Montford say after he was cut the second time?