Bombers lay down a stinker

Well, I told you so. The Bombers are not for real. The team is junk. They can only get wins from TO with a backup QB, Hamilton with a backup QB and the struggling Eskimos.

With the easy part of the schedule behind them, now begins the loosing streak....

Bombers are definitely not a contender to play for the cup.

Really EE, stop deflecting attention from your team that is currently in last place. I wonder EE, how do you think the Eskimos would do without Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker in the starting line-up? IMO, they would be an even worse team than they already are, there would be no hope for the Eskies. Bombers may not be a contender for the cup, and it seems Edmonton is worse off than Winnipeg.

sambo42 you are a tool!!! Each time I post you make the same lame reply, "Stop deflecting from the Esks".

I'm talking about the Bombers here, not the Esks.

I predicted they'd stink and start a loosing streak which is exactly what is happening. I also said they got their wins from teams with backup QB's (except the Esks which have stunk this year).

And before you talk about last place. Where do you think the Riders will be after they loose tomorow night? Tied for last buddy. Riders are in for a beating!

Also, Berry is overrated, he should have pulled Anthony Quinn after his 6th turnover.

Can you feel the love!

YOU may be talking about the Bombers , but im not, it seems you are jealous of the fact the both the Riders and Bombers are ahead of you...yes the Bombers may be on a losing streak, but you take the #1 QB and receiver out of any team and you will see them lose the majority of their games. You talk about lame posts... this thread you made up has to the lamest ive ever seen on here.... even KK's threads have a germ of logic to them.... yours do not!

Anthony huh?

Go ahead EE get him back1 Really guys you both have points leave it at that! Why not let your respective teams settle this the winner gets bragging rights!

EE...if the Bomber performance wasnt so comical I might be mad at you.....but I am not, it was just too funny.....

Berry said after the game that he thought about pulling Quinn at the end of the third, but after talking about it with his fellow coaches he decided to leave Quinn in. His reasoning was that he knew at that point that Banks wouldn't have been able to win the game for the Bombers anyway. He hoped that by leaving Quinn in he would find some sort of rhythm to carry forward.

After hearing his reasoning I agree with the choice.

This is a problem with the Bombers. They are very 1 dimensional. They loose Milt and their offence comes to an abrupt halt. No team should have to rely on one guy so much.

Other teams have lost their #1 receiver and someone else steps up. This is not the case with the Bombers.

I'm not even sure Glenn is the #1 guy. He hasn't proven anything against a competitive team.

Maybe it's another rebuilding year for the Bombers. Like rw2005 says, depth is important, and the Bombers lack it big time.

Also at least we have a winning record, unlike a certain team in the West who is 2 and 5.

The BC offence wasnt too effective tonight either... McCallum had 6 field goals? The D scored one TD so that means that the BC offence only scored one TD. It was BC's defence that won them the game... as bad as the Bombers played, you have to give credit the BC D for playing a great game...


All the credit goes to BC's defence. However, not that hard to come up with a defensive strategy against the Bombers with Milt out. You know it's going to Roberts a LOT because the other receivers are useless.

Geez is really amazing checking your posts out...When the Eskimos lose, you dissappear ...when an opposing team you dislike're hear with a negative post in a heartbeat...I suggest you worry about your team...they are losing with their starting QB and star reciever....I for am glad the BB lost as they are behind my ALS...but with their team missing 4 crucial starters...give them a break ...I agree they were awful but this team is a much better team then your EE at least for this year :wink:

I didn't get to see the game because of local blackouts, but from what I've seen (the final score) and from what I've learned the Bombers didn't play very well. I'm a fan of the Bombers but frankly I really didn't expect them to win this game today. Lucky the Bombers have a bye week next week which gives them time to recover from injuries and such. BC is a good team and I give the credit for that.

Bonjour, je post dans ce forum parceque c'est le forum publique. merci.

It is you're absolutely right..I'll just ignore your posts...silly me

Seems to me that EE is so worried about the Bombers being 5-4, Im starting to think that he is really a Bomber fan. I would be more concerned about the Esks game tomorrow night against the Riders, rather than dumping on Winnipeg. Hey EE how about a friendly wager. If he Esks lose tomorrow, you cant trash talk any other team for the rest of the season. If the Riders lose, then I wont be able to dump on the Esks. Sound fair enough?