Bombers' Lawler continues strong season with career-best performance

VANCOUVER — Leading Blue Bombers receiver Kenny Lawler continued his strong season in Week 9 by setting single game career-highs in both receptions and receiving yards while helping Winnipeg defeat the BC Lions.

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Kenny Lawler is a very skilled and athletic receiver. He showed flashes of brilliance in his rookie season-2019, so I am not surprised to see him as the number one leading receiver in this 2021 season. Stay focused and healthy in your teams pursuit of back to back Grey Cup Champions ? :heart_eyes: :hash: :one: :large_blue_diamond: :large_orange_diamond:


Bombers have quite a few players that are Beasts....

The only way the Bombers loose in the playoffs is if they run into injury trouble. They have been reasonably healthy this year. Harris seems to have recovered. QB's in Calgary, Edmonton and BC have been injury riddled. The Riders have 14 players on the 6 game IR. If the oft injured Collaros gets hurt as QB'S in Calgary, BC and Edmonton did, at playoff time... its anybody game. Even loosing a player like Jefferson or Bighill would change things significantly. There is a lot of football to go and the Bombers are the easy favourite right now but they need there key guys to be healthy at playoff time or all bets are off. The Grey Cup is far from won. Right now.... they look unbeatable.

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I agree that the Bombers could lose because of an injury but really only to Collaros. They are so deep at wide receiver that Lucky Whitehead couldn’t make the team and if you focus on Lawlor say hello to Darvin Adams. For the first time their defence started 10 of their top 12 and the first time they started more than 8 in many weeks- with Wilson and Richardson returning. Many platoon players such as Kongbo have experience and could start for any other CFL team. Their second 12 on defence would likely be in the top 5 defences in the league if not the top 3. I would argue therefore that losing one of Jefferson, Bighill or Jeffcoat would be painful but nowhere near
fatal. there are many ways to look at the Bombers dominance but I believe the most important one is the fact that they simply kick the crap out of every other team physically, leaving the opposition worried about being hit as the game wears on and explaining their all time crazy stat of 6 points against in the 4th quarter. Other teams are simply bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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There is no replacement for Willie Jefferson. He is a game changer. Offences plan differently because he is there. He is a freak of nature. You can’t throw over him, get the edge around him and runs over O linemen because he can. Make no mistake, that Defence is weaker, and different if he is out of the lineup. Any Offence facing the Bombers with him out of the lineup will sense there is hope, and that would be correct. Jeffersons value to a team is so dramatic that he, more than any other player in the CFL, gives his team a winning edge. Even more than any QB in the league right now. In fact I am willing to predict, that if Jefferson is not able to play in the Playoffs this year the Bombers will not win the Grey Cup. If he is healthy enough to play, they will win the Cup. His absence would absolutely be fatal.

I have to disagree. While Willie is great and he was sheer dominance last year, he has only started to look like Willie the last couple of games. This may be because he is hurting. He has been at best the third best Bomber defender this year well behind Bighill and Jeffcoat. Jeffcoat has by far been the most dominant defender in the league singlehandedly winning one game with an unheard of performance of 3 forced fumbles and 2 sacks. Even with Willie not being his usual game changing self the Bombers D has thoroughly dominated all year.

Willie was still in pre-season mode. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::sunglasses:

What's with the notion to beat Winnipeg they need to be injured? Toronto beat them week 3, Calgary missed by 2 points without Bo.
What about, if your injury count goes down plus pick up a key player before the trade deadline. You have suddenly some rhythm and confidence.
Nobody wins the Grey Cup in October.
You've never seen me advocating for any one or team to accumulate injuries. Win or lose I want to play health teams, at as healthy as they can be, after all this is football. :soccer::dart::ice_hockey:

I think people are saying that without injuries it is not possible to foresee anyone having any kind of a chance of beating Winnipeg. I tend to agree. The games you are referring to were early on and don’t forget the Bombers had approximately half of their starting defence sidelined for those games. They are now in a rhythm rarely seen. Every week they supposedly face a team on the rise or their primary challenger and then annihilate them. Even if another team added Doug Flutie and Milt Stegall clones that would have no impact. They will continue to win because of their dominant O and D lines. I don’t think it is realistic for any team to replace half a dozen or so lineman with bigger, faster and meaner players to match the ones the Bombers have.

How was he not a total beast in both Sask games? Even the loss in Toronto?

I hope you’re correct. Teams still have a lot of time to build momentum, I don’t underestimate any team including Ottawa & Elks. Personally I’d tone down the " we’re the best" reality we’re the best for now.

Keep supporting Blue Bombers though, I’m with you on that.

Really? They beat the Stamps by 3 and when they won by 2 that game was completely out of their control. Two wins there for the Stamps and they’re 5-3. Guess what Winnipeg would be? 5-3. Plan the parade route all you want. I don’t see a repeat. The Bombers are very beatable.

It will take injuries (or DUI's) for the Bombers to loose in the playoffs. If you loose by 2 or 20, you still loose.