Bomber's Last Play Field Goal Attempt

OK, so Coach Berry has has his team attempt a field goal on the last play of the game instead of a kneel down...

I understand that points scored will be counted should a tie break situation occur between the two teams, but does anyone remember what Coach Berry and Coach Marshall did on national TV last season when Don Matthews did a similar thing to them? Remember them giving the finger live on CBC?

They whine when it is done to them, but they have no problem doing it to someone else...

blame the rulebook and quit whinning

The Bombers are my least favourite team…courtesey of Cal Murphy and Matt Dunnigan, both of whom loved running up the score on my Cats when I was a boy. Seems things haven’t changed much.

running up the score is a stupid expression. The purpose of playing is to score as many points as you can in 60 minutes. If the score 100 - 0, you still try to score more if you can.

Only losers whine about "running up the score"

who said anything about whining about running up the score? I just thought it was funny how Berry and Marshall give the finger when done to them, but turn right around and do it to others...

Wow...vicious people on-line tonight!

It’s bad play calling altogether especially if he’s playing to get as many points as he can.

How stupid would Berry have looked had Holmes or someone returned the missed field goal all the way for 6?

You are right!
They did cry when Mtl did it to them

Awe come on! Couldn't you have gotten the still which showed both of them flipping the bird?