Bombers lack of significant injuries

With this bye week I'd expect The Big Blew to come back to practise with only Wild on the IR. MOS said Loffler is "fine". He also indicated Wild is rehabbing and it sounded like he's coming along. Broken wrist is not an easy LB injury, I expect.

With other teams having as many as sixteen on their six game list, a third of a roster, and most teams riddled with injuries, are The Blew just fortunate or does The Team do anything different? Thoughts? Knowledge?

In closing, my "Blew' is past tense and I admit and enjoy its not the Team's current style, so, Lyle, out of respect to "8 and 3", on a go forward, they are my "Blue".....

…Great to have a ‘lack’ of injuries than a plethora of them…like in Edmunchuck…We are missing Wild…he’s a tenacious tackler and we’re not keeping the opposition honest with Loffler and or Wild out at any time…Receivers and running backs alike respect those guys…we need em…As for the rest of the club and the halo hanging over them as far injuries go…(hope I haven’t put the kiss of lame on any of them)we haven’t had an injury free year like this for a very long time…Is it the conditioning or just plain good luck…Nichols has taken a couple of serious shots, due to missed blocks, that I thought would sideline him BUT he seems to be the new ‘gumby’ in the qb. world as he keeps hanging in there…After the horrendous injury start to his career maybe the football gawds are smiling on him …Dressler being out for a time hasn’t hurt as bad as I thought and Loffler (although being nic’d) is coming around…otherwise I think we’re in pretty good shape on the injury front. Hope it continues

SHHHHH !!! This is akin to watching a 2-0 hockey game with only a minute left and somebody says " Hey, do you think the goalie will get a shut out ?" I know the situation well because my son is a goalie. SHHHHH ! :wink: ;D

AND... now Westerman is done for the year >:(

I'm pretty sure someone will step up and cover for this loss of a good player. Maybe the unit will gel more and play for Jamal. Sometimes good things come from an unfortunate situation.

My brother, who was a goalie, and I would cringe whenever somebody would comment on my son getting a shutout with only minutes left AND you wouldn't believe the number of times he would get scored on right after the comment. :-X

......Westerman done for the season is terrible news...We need a replacement or some serious juggling of the roster now....Apparently....BIG apparently, Walters has been in touch with Mulumba's agent....Could we sign him for the rest of the year and would he be game ready????....Could happen????Might be the answer now that we're rounding the corner and headed for playoff action

Looks like Bombers going to war this Friday not only without Giant Westerman but also TJ Thorpe (who walked away from the team cuz he didn’t like being on the practice roster) and of course, their very significant linebacker injury, Ian Wild.

With most bomber fans assuming the 8-3 bombers should easily advance (especially on home turf) vs. the defending Grey Cup champs but losers this year and devoid of their Top 2 QBs - it would be a real assault on the bombers and their fan’s psyches if Ottawa and their NFL Klingon QB could squeeze out a win - or damn the torpedos squash the big blue unit.

Ottawa, with three WR's on the injured, one QB on the six, one QB wanting to be on the six, Bombers better expect more run than they've seen in a while.
Hurl's future could be this Friday, he gets run over, he's looking for work.
MOS try's so hard to be loyal to the guy, lets see what 30k @ IGF have to say....

Obviously won't be a sellout this Friday - and Wad knows it - he's been papering the radio stations w/ FREE ducats in hopes of ramping up fan interest.

If ORB was a minimum .500 club with either Burris or Harris in the saddle they'd have a chance to get to 30 or 31,000.

However with Klingon at QB and no real superstars RBs aren't much of a draw.

That said bombers are 8-3 and trying to burrow a guaranteed home date (2nd in west) for playoffs. Should be 27,000 to 29,000 - anything less a massive disappointment.

Hurl should be the target of Ottawa's offensive game plan. He might be a good signal-caller and makes decent attempts to divert traffic into the better and stronger bomber tacklers but if he's the target he'll put up little resistance, creating a massive hole in the middle of the bomber defense.

Using Corney and Jeffcoat more in the absence of Westerman should pay off in better discipline - but those guys should start wearing out in the 2nd half.

I count seven teams that would trade places with the Bombers. We're doing OK and we are getting better. I like having the confidence that when I watch a game, I know that the Bombers have a really good chance of winning regardless of the foe.

The only time I look at a glass as half empty instead of half full is when there is beer in it and then I know it will completely empty very soon. ;D

"Obviously won't be a sellout this Friday - and Wad knows it - he's been papering the radio stations w/ FREE ducats in hopes of ramping up fan interest."

Lyle, my friend, Wad's figured out that even with free tickets, a young, amped up crowd can make the Club some "good gelt" just on the beer and burger sales.

With 12 oz /12 buck beers going out as fast as the 50/50 goes up this is "game day revenue" (most of us know it as just straight old "cash") like the Club hasn't witnessed before. A recent study by a leading bright mind (moi) concludes that at IGF field, crowd noise is directly proportional to booze sales, and that place gets loud!!

In celebration of all this new found income, I understand The Bored's ordered a few cases of an untried saucy French merlot and some west coast oysters for their game day enjoyment. It's also rumoured they are considering lowering kids 6 oz cokes to five bucks as a show of consideration for the unwashed masses they tend.

Meanwhile, The Province wrote off 56 million to date against the IGF construction deal. Out west Calgary's scrapping over 275 million over 35 years!! And that doesn't provide a dime against McMahon's obvious needs. Mr. King, you gotta get that NDP Government on the hook quick before Alberta votes again. The secret to new digs, get a crazy NDP government to fund it and then get a paranoid Conservative government to write it off!! Its all in the timing....

Lets get ready to rumble, its game day. 13 degrees and rain in the forecast, RB's confirmed 3rd string QB, looks like the run is on. Hurl @ MLB,I expect we find out today if we need a stud Int. MLB. Bombers loose to a wet run game at home, even MOS's loyalty programwon't save our nice guy weak link.

And that ends this rant.

.....Oh it'll be loud tonight.....Most likely the loudest the two colours third stringer will hear for awhile....I think he's going to be pursued hard by a couple of D ends of ours, showing Westerman...hey no worries were on it....I expect Harris and Flanders to pound the middle of that Ottawa o line...Looks to be a little rainy and this is where the mudders shine....Might be closer than we think but we should come away with the 2

...By the by Wumper...if it wasn't for that crazy NDP govt.....the Bombers would still be playing at the old dump (sorry ol girl )...Cons. don't build stadiums all though they did contribute to the U of M practice facility....Anyways it all worked out and I don't see anymore probs. with the new girl unless the rum hut catches fire..(gawd forbid)

5 buck cokes for kids under 6 - that's pure genius (evil genius but genius)

As for the bombers able to scamp a dim-witted NDP premier for a few hundred million - that's prolly a once in 400 year event . . . . but the PCs coming down and giving it a few loud dog barks and then writing it off - THATS PRETTY COOL

Only problem Wad has that prevents him from being IGF's Imperial Emperor for Life is keeping up a healthy 25,000 to 27,000 per game attendance w/commensurate success in selling alcohol, pork meat & schwarma. Should be good to go for this year - and if they can keep the team leadership intact, another couple!

Getting second place would be huge in building the bombers kitty - a near sellout of 28,000 to 32,000 would be a financial godsend - can't remember do the current bomber season ticket packages contain one playoff ducat? - or ZERO

If its one - the bombers will have to madly sell 11,000 to 14,000 tix in a short time at playoff-inflated prices (lets guess 15 to 20% bumps)

If its ZERO - the game attendance will not threaten capacity. Especially if its the western semi. Perhaps 22,500 to 25,000. That said, selling 25,000 fresh tickets is better than selling 11,000 - FAR MORE COIN ROLLING IN.

You guys are sure quoting a lot of numbers... 9-3 are the only numbers I'm seeing right now ! :wink:

....At least dimwit made his home in Manitoba...unlike the Con. man...Costa Rica Pallister...There's nothing cool about what that moron does...including pulling off a Hilary and cell phoning all of Manitoba's private business...Yeah really cool and one term wonder....

....Football game was great just a little wet and the BigBlue are showing really BIG this year and looking like they could win it all...You're right Dan...9 and 3...I likey

With Weston hurt maybe we'll see that Givens guy you were talking about.

.....Hope so Dan....he looks good on the vid. I saw of him.....but don't they all...I would say he was brought in to replace Thorpe so I would imagine we'll see him sooner rather than later...Sure would be nice to have another Adams on board, or the like, for the playoffs

Injuries are never good but if there is a bright side to West and Dress going down (and off sms) we should be expecting some new talent, perhaps a former draft pick NI rush end with some serious NFL time, or, anyone of probably a hundred stud MLB's kicking around.
The DL didn't get much on The RB's and Hurl is not going to stop Messam....
Loosing Thorpe wasn't timely (anyone sense him signing anywhere yet??) but this new guy Givens or Wolitarsky may do the job, Wally is a N so him in for Dressler may solve other DL issues.

I've texted this all to MOS, no confirmation yet.

Through the calm and the rain storm the BBs look like a definite contender this season. I was interested in the play of Denmark the veteran who is making his mark this season. Through the calm and the huge storm this team is a very strong contender this season. Fan patience with the HC played well in recent seasons and, the team in general is showing exciting football. Harris's play was outstanding last evening, I would rank him as the leading back especially, when playing in a soaked field. What happened to their first ranked lineman the team selected first round in the CFL draft this season. I know there were some disappointed fans who really questioned this choice by the BBs?

As I've posted elsewhere, The Big Blue remain in good shape, injury wise.

Wild is practising, as noted elsewhere the DL looked good w/o Westerman and no dumb RTP penalties..., Dressler will be a while but we're packing some fine I WR's on the PR, including Givens and L'Damian Washington who showed well early on. Wolitarsky as well and he's a Canuck. Both MOS and PLOP have talked about running a variety offence, perhaps we see some tight ends or full backfields, I'd expect PLOP to nerd the solution to Dressler.

If anyone is sore I'd expect them to rest for Hammy @ home. I won't be surprised if Moe, Harris or Loffler take a night off.

In all, all's well. It seems to be unfolding far better than anyone imagined.

My son played goal for 20 years, that "don't mention the shut-out" jinx is crap.