Bombers interested in....

....according to the sun..... we have offered a contract to import wide receiver Gerran Walker and are also interested in defensive back James Patrick.....Both good possibilites.....Looks like we're starting to make a little noise now, after the initial fa flurry... :wink:

I think i've heard of them.. did they both used to play for SSK?

Walkers a speed demon, he'd be a nice replacement for Titus Ryan.

Patrick is steady, not sure if he plays HB, as a replacement for Hefney.

I remember who they are now! Patrick's a great depth guy and Walker would make an awesome replacement for Ryan no doubt.Thought Walker was heavily underrated last season.He made a lot of clutch catches for the Rider's.

Patrick started at safety last year. He was okay to decent, but clearly was learning the position. It is rare that imports play in that position. Walker is hard to figure out - he's got crazy-legs, but I don't know if he's a legitimate burner or not. He is kind of your run of the mill import receiver at this point in his career. With the Riders, he didn't get a ton of balls, but that's because Fantuz, Bagg, Getzlaff and Dressler are all gonna get their touches ahead of him. Toss in Clermont, and Walker's a 5-6 receiver, often playing the field side WR spot, where the action is limited.

It would be interested to see what he can do in a situation where he's leaned on a little more.

i like both these signings if we make them.. it will definately be interesting to see how these guys fit in

If this keeps up, you may as well go ahead and change your primary uniform colour to green. . .

We could use a farm teamโ€ฆ

.....GREEN AND GOLD.........nah.....that's chiefs colours.....we don't like that team either... :lol: :lol:'ve already got one arte.....they're called the sakatchewan roughriders... :rockin:

LOL. love it. farm team. i get it :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

patrick tho and walker? i heard bombers want to bring in atleast 6 more receivers. so walker makes sense. Patrick does not because as stated above he played safety and we already have imo, the 2nd or 3rd best one in the league and he's canadian.
Unless patrick is just a depth signing for DB.. that one doesnt make sense. Walker does tho, not gonna say anything about him, dont know enough, from what ive seen, he's got speed. But like mentioned above he was #5 #6 #7 even on the riders depth chart.

Regardless i thnk we're gonna see a few surprising trades, a couple interesting pickups, and a few guys that mack will bring in turn some heads. Should be a good year. Training camp is only like 4.5 months away really. 5 months. Lots of time but time to start making some noise :slight_smile:

Keep in mind tho, we really just need a decent qb, our team was 7-11 last year under KELLYS archaic system, we lost a few guys to the NFL, butt still... dont think dogget,guice,mcdonald, ryan won us that many games. Hefney will be missed but im sure mack has guys in mind who he is talking too RIGHT NOW.

As Artie said, safety isn't Patrick's natural position. He's actually listed as a cornerback at Wikipedia and that's the position he played in college.

whats the status on these two? anyone have any inside info?

.....i wonder if we're going to be interested in Bucky out of lotus land?????....His bonus is due in a week or so....and i think the leos are going to cut him loose....much like Goodspeed in the hammer....IF the price was right ... i say have a good look...He might get a big offer from the argos as they don't have anyone as of now...Could get interesting... :roll:

Apparently the Winnipeg media was premature, again.

Plop says no contract offered to either player, Walker is still a possibility, but no interest in Patrick right now.


Oh well, I think we will get Titus Ryan and Jonathon Hefny back anyway... and if that happens, this should be a pretty good all around team...

Geran Walker looks like the more intruiging one to.

hefney i think wont be back until september. ryan i think is cut in dallas's earlier camps and is back for the start of the season. hefney not sure, he signed with an nfl team first so i figure he has the best chance to make it. his height tho may be a disadvantage down south.