Bombers ink OL Stanley Bryant to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed All-Star offensive tackle Stanley Bryant to a one-year extension, the team announced on Thursday. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

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An almost unbelievable streak of consecutive games played.

Zach Collaros has just breathed a sigh of relief. Great signing. Let's hope that Bryant can be the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman again in 2023!


Nicely done. Bryant definitely has 1 great year left. Gotta protect that blind side and who better to do it than the best left tackle in the league, perhaps of all time.

Welcome back Stanley.

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Arguably the most important of the oldtimers to get signed. Nobody behind him is anywhere near ready & good OT's rarely make it to FA. It'll be nice to see that pink tub of "Ensure" on the Bomber sideline again this season. :rofl:

A old team gets older

One of, if not the best to play the position.
Bomber fans are very happy to have him back, but I posted before that this year we had better be bringing in real competion at camp, because this is likely Stanley's last year.

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No brainer, there isn't an offensive tackle even close in comparison in the CFL. Another great signing, sign the core and fill in with the youngsters. The road to Hamilton goes through Winnipeg again next season.

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Strange thing is every team that signs their own FAs get a year older. Like the Begelton signing, he showed he was washed up last season, strange why the Stamps would bring him back a year older?

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Obviously any player signed is a year older than the year before, but Bryant and his durability is a lot different than signing an aging and injury prone Andrew Harris, for example.

Plus he’s the GOAT and at his age still the best in the league. As a Bomber fan I’m just glad he’s not retiring. He’s made it clear that he won’t play anywhere else for the rest of his career.

Great to have Stanley Bryant sign on with the Bombers for another season.

Remaining Bombers FA


ADAMS Keion A DL Western Michigan
BAILEY Rasheed A WR Delaware Valley
BRIGGS Jesse N LB McGill
COUTURE Michael N OL Simon Fraser
DARBY Alden A LB Arizona State
DEMSKI Nic N WR Manitoba
ELLINGSON Greg A WR Florida International
GAUTHIER Shayne N LB Laval
GRANT Janarion A WR Rutgers
HARDRICK Jermarcus A OL Nebraska
JEFFCOAT Jackson A DL Texas
MARUO Les G LB Texas at San Antonio
MASTON Mercy A DB Boise State
MILLER Mike N RB Acadia
PRUKOP Dakota A QB Oregon
SAYLES Casey A DL Ohio
TAYLOR Nicholas A DB Florida International

Olinemen seem to actually get better with age whereas your skill guys see some drop off as they move into their thirties.

Bryant was a key signing