Bombers ink Global DL Thiadric Hansen to two-year deal

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms with Global defensive lineman Thiadric Hansen on a two-year contract.

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What a pleasant surprise as it appeared that Thiadric was going to retire. Such a good young player and excited about having him back with the Blue Bombers.

Couldn’t resist posting “the hit” again.


Good for him, I think most are glad to have him back.

I think he might also have an eye on the new CBA - from next season he won't be automatically tied to a "Global" salary so if he produces the goods this year he may find his wage bumping up quite a bit in 2023.

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Great news to me too. I've enjoyed his time with the Blue Bombers a LOT.
Now we'll have at least one returning vet to backup #5 and #94.

I've probably watched "the hit" at least once a month since it happened, and lately, when I watch it, I've been thinking about him helping a busload of Ukraine refugees get from the border to a safe place.

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