Bombers ink Brink

i liked svec. but we have a lot of receivers on board, ni and imp... for now i trust what this regime is doing

Meh, draft picks get let go all the time, it's the nature of the biz, I wouldn't sweat it.

Sometimes, they are also let go just to make room for someone else, and added back later to the developmental roster.

brink was just on hustler and lawless. sounds like a smart kid.. willing to learn, knows it wont be easy.. is coming up may 23rd :slight_smile: sounds like a good guy.

I heard a little Of Brink, sounds like a patient guy and admits that this will take a learning process and time and he seems like he is willing to put in the time and effort to show his stuff, he stated that he heard Winnipeg has some of the best fans in the CFL and is looking forward to his time in Winnipeg , but this is the CFL and his time may be short lived. Personally unless one of the QB'S craps the bed Mack will find a way to keep them all. The pressure is on these kids Santos, DiMichele and Brink, but i think Jyles has the most pressure of all our QB'S cause he may be beat out in camp there are no guarantees!!


And also from Blue&Gold4Ever:

I agree killer, comparing Brink to CFL flops is a bit immature, many have said he has a weak arm, i bet he has a stronger arm than most portray, has talent and promise and definately gives us exteme young depth at QB, has talent and if he grasps the CFL game fast could be a HUGE surprise. Comparing him to a Tee Martin or Timmy Chang is just plain dumb, until he shows or bombs at camp we have to give Brink the benefit of the doubt, there was a reason Mack traded our 22ND pick for Hamiltons 28TH pick and Brink, we will soon see. I am happy with Brink on our roster!!
Good points both ways on the prospects for Alex Brink.

Here's a rather good article on NCAA QB success in the NFL that focuses also on the matter of completion percentage even though it is three years old:

Someone on a different thread posted feedback in another fine article by a scout and student of Marc Trestman with regard to the importance of the 60% figure for QBs in college, and this article corroborates well that statistic with high predictive correlation. Trestman mind you is so highly regarded from his experience as QB coach as well that he actually runs many of the combine and pro day passing drills for the top NFL QBs by their invitation (and I would think great compensation).

Grant it the CFL is a different game not as friendly to a mere typical NFL drop-back passer, but nevertheless the stat has at least some if not high merit for the CFL I would think.

In favour of the comments not optimistic on Alex Brink despite such amazing college performance in the heavy pass-oriented Pac 10 is his completion percentage a bit short of the magic 60% number at 58.4%.

In addition in favour of those not optimistic about Brink and dismissing seemingly entirely his college experience, let's understand that Tee Martin won a national championship where the great Peyton Manning failed four straight years as a starter at Tennessee. Yes no question NCAA football is a different game as far as QB than also NFL football and then some when crossing the border.

I was living in SEC central in Atlanta at the time when a joke was going around apparently for a good long time about hell freezing over when Tennessee would win one, and sure enough in cruel irony they did but hell did not freeze over as far as we know. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway for another discussion Martin's name has already been forgotten amongst the Tennessee cheesy faithful and Manning is still the second-coming of Jesus without such loopy high merit for his time in college.

Otherwise Brink certainly has NCAA passing stat pedigree that is closer to that of even the legendary Peyton Manning than most would think though he had hardly the talent on his team to surround his talent as did even Leaf for that matter. Brink is one of only six Pac 10 quarterbacks in the history of that pass-happy conference to pass for more than 10K yards AND at least 70 TDs. Ryan Leaf did NOT make that list mind you, as have not so many other great ones at least in college, and it was not even close for Leaf.

If you are not familiar with NCAA Pac 10 football in Canada, you might not realise how amazing that last stat is as well. Three of the other five players making that very select list are current NFLers, and all currently or at one time in their continuing careers starters at that: Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Derek Anderson mind you.

Given also all of the above, I don't understand as of yet any solid reason not to give Brink a fine shot.

.....i'm sure Alex will be given every opportunity to prove himself in the CFL.....We have a different game north of the border....but one that has been mastered by such greats as Heismann Trophy winner Doug Flutie...and , who by the way, initially ...the nfl wouldn't even give a sniff.....How will the shoemakers son work-out for the Bombers????....Mr. Brink is due here at t.c. very shortly....I'm hoping, if he catches on with the club, he'll be another success story :thup: