Bombers ink Brink

....according to tsn .......Alex Brink has officially signed......hmmmmmmm This is going to be a well contested qb. position this year.....just the way it should be.... Unfortunately someone is going to fall by the way....or do we try a Popp and try to keep them all.... :thup: :lol: I'm really looking forward to see what this kid can do....His record is impressive...HOWEVER.... a different game is going to be a big hurdle for this latest addition... :roll:

Brink doesn't stand a chance of making the Bombers with Jyles, DiMichelle and Santos ahead of him. After all, these three kids have "unlimited potential" and "arms like cannons." :lol:

(diect quotes from papazoola and blu&goldforever)

Just saw the story on the main page of this site....the dude looks a little old.

From the article on the homepage:

Alex [Brink] had an excellent career at Washington State, concluding his time there as one of Washington State's all-time greats. [b]Starting his last 40 games dating back to his freshman year, Brink left the school holding career records in passing yards, touchdowns, attempts, completions and total offence.[/b] In his senior year he threw for 3,818 yards, the second highest single-season total in school's history. [b]Brink finished his career there as the third leading passer (yardage) in Pac-10 history, behind Carson Palmer and Derek Anderson and fifth in touchdowns.[/b] Overall, he finished with a competition rate 58.4, throwing for 10,913 yards and 75 touchdowns.
Bear in mind that Brink unceremoniously shattered almost all the records of none other than Ryan Leaf at Washington State, which is an amazing feat in the Pac 10 dominated by USC considering that Washington State has not had a good team since Leaf!

I bet Brink still has quite the arm or he would not even have been signed, so why count him out despite the CFL learning curve?

I'd love to see Brink succeed because if he does we can bury more the memory of Ryan Leaf as the greatest WSU quarterback altogether, and hey the nut jobs get too many headlines anyway compared to the dudes with their head intact like it appears also Brink.

here for blogskeewee, the ticat guy who was asking about the receiver

In other Bomber news, the team added non-import receiver Chris Ioannides and import linebacker Courtney Smith to the roster today.

Ioannides had his best season as a member of the Queen’s Gaels in 2009 recording 46 receptions for 501 yards and four touchdowns and helped his team capture the Vanier Cup by catching 18 passes for 251 yards and two touchdowns in the playoffs.

Smith played in four games with the B.C. Lions in 2009, tallying five special teams tackles.

The Blue Bombers also released non-import receiver Josh Svec and non-import offensive lineman Mike Morris.

bluengold4ever wrote:

"I have to add that i thought Svec was a nobody (TC Fodder) and too small but now that i have studied your analysis and vids i would have to say this kid looks great and has a great shot at starting in July, he is faster than i imagined and still competetive in traffic for a smaller guy, makes me feel better about Mack and LaPo's scouting/signing ability."

Perhaps you were reaching even when you thought he was training camp fodder.

Brink breaking Ryan Leaf's records means nothing to me. Football is littered with guys who broke all sorts of NCAA records and have amounted to nothing as pros. Ryan Leaf is a perfect example of that. That said however, the more competition in camp the better.

Ioannades for Svec on the roster is probably a wash. Not sure if one or the other is that much better. I'll leave that decision up to the bomber brass. Must admit I'm disappointed Morris was let go before TC. One of the Blue draft picks in 2009, competition and NI depth along the Oline are pretty important. I especially don't like it as he's dropped in favour of an Imp LB that played as a backup for BC last year. The Lions LB corp didn't seem all that spectacular last year, and I'm sure there are many people who would argue that, but I would personally would've liked to see Morris in camp.

With Brink on board, and 6 QBs under contract, is there anyone who believes that LeFors will ever set foot in Wpg to compete for a Bomber roster spot ever again? I'm sure most of the other teams in the league feel the same way. Time to cut bait and open up the roster spot for someone else who wants to be here in TC to try win a roster spot.

Totally agree. Tee Martin anyone?

lefors is done and releasing morris i dont think is that big of a deal when u look at the roster on and see that we have something like 14 olinemen signed. i wouldnt be too shocked if we signed a couple more players b4 camp and released a couple more guys.. oline and receiver. we seem to have alot of olinemen and receivers under contract and not alot of db's.. so i wont be shocked when a few others are released to make room for a few db's.

the thing with brink tho.. is dont u think u should give him a chance b4 writing him off as the next tee martin or timmy chang.. i mean who knows, maybe the guy comes in and lights it up.

sick of this... oh college stats dont mean much to me, well what do u want when thats all you have to go on right now?

cant u wait until u see brink throw a ball until u compare him to some of the worst flops in cfl history?

Man you need to worry about your team and not ours first of all, are you that insecure about your Cats in 2010? So insecure that you have to come knock everything and every signing or post a Bomber fan makes. You worried that Our Bomber's are going to be better than most think? and give The Cats a good run for there money!! Maybe it's finally getting clear that The Bomber's have alot of talent and depth, maybe more than your Cats. Hmmm ... Glenn, Porter, Trafalis and ?? ..... or Pierce, Jyles, Santos, Dimichele and Brink (thanks to Your Cats) ..... I will take Buck over Glenn anyday, and the talent and youth behind Pierce is damn good.

Anyway's back to the meaning of the Post before The Cat troll jumped in ..... Bomber's now have 4 young talented solid QB'S behind Buck Pierce and should make training camp the most competetive camp for our QB'S in many years. Unless someone really craps the bed Mack will find a way (pull a Popp) and keep all the QB'S, i have confidence in all our QB'S and our management will make the right moves at QB. Evaluating our QB'S before they hit the field may be a little premature but i believe we seen and know enough to make a pretty good analysis ....

Buck is a proven starter in this league, a real leader on and off the field and now that he has LaPo as a coach Buck will tweak his game and take a slide instead of a hit, thus allowing a healthy Buck to play more games, he is a winner and one of the most accurate QB'S in the league.

Jyles is still only 27 and is ready to take the next step and provides the Bomber's with a gifted and athletic back-up QB, he has good arm strength and the ability to pick up yards with his feet, with more snaps he may just be better than most have/or are giving him credit for.


Santos is still 26 years old and may push Jyles for back-up, if not Santos is still a promising commodity with his arm strength and size, he has the athletic ability to be a great QB in the CFL, he has all the tools of a Buck Pierce and having Buck should only help Santos' development.

I have said in other posts that no one should count out AD, Adam Dimichele who is only 24-25 years old has a good arm and great athletic ability and is pretty darn good throwing the Ball on the run, something every CFL QB needs. He has alway's been a gifted athlete and has played baseball and basketball as well as football, what alot of people don't know and may be irrelevent is AD also was a wrestler (not WWE). He has a positive team first attitude and is a patient kid whom is willing to wait on our PR (if need be) for his chance.

Alex Brink has broken every record imaginable in his college career (his college anyway's) is still young at 25 (26 in June) has good size and an above average arm (as far as we heard), his arm may be stronger than people have said, who knows. He is accuarate and patient and can also throw on the run or take off with the ball. does not have blazing speed but can still pick up yards with his legs, May surprise many, Mack signed him for a reason. Was drafted to the NFL and Houston coaches have nothing but good things to say about Alex, if he can make a smooth transition into the CFL game he may just be one of the better hidden QB talents out there.

Cannot wait for Camp to begin ..... GO BOMBERS!!!

I agree killer, comparing Brink to CFL flops is a bit immature, many have said he has a weak arm, i bet he has a stronger arm than most portray, has talent and promise and definately gives us exteme young depth at QB, has talent and if he grasps the CFL game fast could be a HUGE surprise. Comparing him to a Tee Martin or Timmy Chang is just plain dumb, until he shows or bombs at camp we have to give Brink the benefit of the doubt, there was a reason Mack traded our 22ND pick for Hamiltons 28TH pick and Brink, we will soon see. I am happy with Brink on our roster!!

A little premature analysis don't ya think Madjack? comparing Brink to other CFL flops is way to immature, maybe Brink is smarter than Tee Martin (who could not figure out the CFL game anyway's), maybe he grasps the CFL game faster than other flops, you don't know madjack, neither do I, benefit of the doubt? Give the kid his chance and than make your comparisons.

Not sure why Mack decided against Svec but i trust The Bomber's management, do i support the move personally, no!! I thought he was Fodder and then did my research and thought Svec looked like a promising reciever, maybe Mack found someone who he thinks is better or maybe cause we have a boat load of reciever's on the roster already. I will reserve my judement until Svec makes a CFL team and proved Mack wrong, many great player's have been overlooked and management for ALL teams are guilty of releasing a player that turns out to be a good player.

I think you misunderstood me. I'm not writing him off and it'll be great to see him in camp, like I said the more competition the better. Stats in college are great, I like to see prior stats on a player as much as the next guy, and they give you some idea of who the player is and what the players strengths may or may not be. The first part of PaoloX's post is great. I was just referring to statements like player A broke player B's records in college. Such comparisons are not an indicator of professional success. This is a perfect example. It says he broke, nay shattered, Ryan Leaf's records, but what does that tell you? Ryan Leaf had great college stats and was a bust as a pro. I could say Alex Brink outperformed Matt Cassell in the PAC 10 if I wanted and I would not be wrong, Cassell barely played at all when he was at USC and didn't have much for stats, but now he's the starter in KC. I guess its better than him not breaking Ryan Leaf's records, and gaudy passing numbers are better than terrible ones, but in the end, it will be what he does when he comes into camp.

Have to agree with killer on his point that we have alot of oline and reciever's on the roster and would not surprise me in the least bit if the Bomber's release and sign different player's before camp, if someone looks like a better player than a player on our roster, why not take a chance and release someone to make room for a more promising player?

Morris is a bit of a shock just because we drafted him, but there is a reason for his release i am sure, time will tell.

i saw a couple days of camp last season and morris was being eaten alive out there.. he really didnt show much imho, but maybe a year of playing he improved? i dunno. i guess i dunno. how many olineman do u need under contract for camp?

i figure 5 + 5 + 4 = plenty enough. id even say that 12 is probably enough.

that way if u want to have a scrimmage u can have 2 oline groups with 1 backup each.

i dunno the reasons for releasing these guys either but... probably has something to do with the people in the know, the people who scout these guys year round, the people like mack and lapo and hodgkinson and etc... they know more about these guys then we do.

when we signed the guy from saskatchewan last week, hinds i think is his name, that right there was writing on the wall for one of our olineman, they chose to get rid of morris. maybe morris wasnt as commited to playing football? i dunno

theres a little interview with joe mack up on main page there... talks about having guys with the right attitude and basically about guys who want to play football, who want to get better, who want to make a career out of playing football, MAYBE and im just guessing but maybe morris didnt really want to play football anymore or had a bad attitude or just in all likelihood was the lowest on the depth chart according to well mack lapo hodgkinson etc.

also keep in mind morris and svec were guys who were probably signed by the previous regime also. i thought i read somewhere that murphy signed svec and well morris was definately drafted by the kelly regime so thhat could have something to do with it also. I dunno. if morris is any good he will get picked up by another team.. he's a bc kid? possibly the lions even.

It's weird in that why cut a NI kid you drafted a year ago and keep LeFors on the roster, when the whole world knows it's only a question of when he gets cut. Maybe Morris is the next to go, who knows, but unless they think he's awful, would it not make sense to ditch LeFors ahead of him?

lefors is probably retiring so his papers probably hasnt been registered yet with the cfl and huh... morris is the next to go?

he's already gone. both svec and morris were released today.


Svec was signed and Morris re-signed by the "in-between" regime - after Kelly was fired and before Mack was hired.