Bombers ink Adam Bighill to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed All-Star linebacker Adam Bighill to a one-year contract extension, the team announced on Thursday.

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NOW, That's a huge relief, good job Adam.


Now the Bombers have officially fallen in to trap of championship teams retaining loyalty with an aging team. This formula is the real world of sports catches up to teams. I'm not saying they won't be a good team but let's be realistic the Bombers have the target along with an aging group.

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One more year for the big guy, he still got game. If he did not retire he was never thinking of going eksewhere


I get where you're coming from, but signing the reigning Outstanding Defensive Player to a 1 year contract seems like a good deal. I'm more curious about the Andrew Harris situation, he'll be 35 this season and missed half of last year with leg injuries. He's a guy I'd be careful not to invest too much in.

What's the trap?? Another Grey Cup?

You must have had eggs for dinner.
Your pants are weird,


Agreed. Now Alexander, Lawler, Bailey and Harris would ensure that everything key to a threepeat is in place.

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Funny. Love those ads. Yeah, I'd take Adam for 1 more year @33 & he likely didn't break the bank. He's got a business in the 'Peg, I've heard, so that plays into it. But everyone is waiting on Collaros. Until then, I'm not holding my breath on the Bombers. Most of the team was in place in '19 & finished 3rd - until Collaros. That changed everything. Nichols wasn't going to get it done.
Interesting news that Streveler is now a free agent. LaPolice publicly stated before Burke came over as GM that's the guy he wanted to start for him. Is he available?

So your opinion is that the Bombers signing the reigning defensive player of the year, along with two others that could have been, Jefferson and Jeffcoat, are bad moves? Good thing you have no influence on Walters. I remind you that the Bombers had the best defence in 50 years last year, so given everyone is one year older, perhaps their defence will only be the best in the last 25 years this year. I am sure they will live with that. What is your solution? Bring in free agents or rely on newbies while letting the big 3 go because they are too old? Methinks you are envious of what the Bombers have put together and are keeping together.

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Seriously?? What about Collaros? Castillo - kind of key when the team kept stalling in FG range. Bryant? Richardson? As for Harris, IMO if he's not willing to come back for a big cut in pay, he won't be there. And if it turns out he's not back, you still gotta sign Oliveira &/or Augustine unless you go import there. Way too early to be talking threepeat IMO.

Sadly for us, I think Castillo is going to get some interest from the NFL. I think Collaros and Bryant are the top priorities right now, and I agree 100% on the RB situation. As well as he's played, it might be end of the road for Harris.

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On other strings I've seen WFC criticized for not signing Jeffcoat to a three-year contract and two years ago was questioned about not signing Harris to a three-year deal. Harris' own response to that was to point out what his age would be in that third year. I have faith that management is making wise decisions in this matter.


The team that becomes dominant causes the OTHER teams to build in order to beat them. The jury is out until at least the Western Final to see if anyone will have been successful in doing so.

Anyone there worried that Zach wil be gone?

Maybe I should have been more clear. In earlier posts I have indicated that I don’t believe Collaros or Bryant are going anywhere, together with Jefferson and Bighill. Same for the Stove. I was intending to address the next remaining level of players. I expressed my biggest worries about Jeffcoat and Lawler and Jeffcoat is signed. Other than that I would like to see them retain Bailey and Alexander, hands down the best safety in the league. I am not that worried about Harris. I have wondered whether he might retire. I expect he will have to play less and for less if he wants to stay. I don’t expect he will be looking to leave his hometown at this point in his career and also don’t expect he will receive an offer too good ti refuse at his age and with his recent injuries, from any other team, So I don’t see anything to worry about there either. Besides, the Bombers have running back depth to burn.

I have said the jury will be out until free agency in February and certainly there will be more room for valid speculation once most free agents sign with whatever team they choose. I agree that after that it would be the WF, if not the GC, when success or failure can truly be measured. But we are just speculating and celebrating a bit that the best defensive player in the league has signed.

All due respect, Bombers can't/won't break the bank on Collaros, as much he has done for the Bombers, the Bombers gave him life. He's most certainly is entitled to an increase, just an affordable one. He may want to go East, Don't blame him. Toronto would probably be his best opportunity he sleeps at home for 15 or so games a year (and only faces Winnipeg once at home), but as everyone says, he's 1 hit from retirement (as all QB's are) Winnipeg provided the protection game that Collaros needs and has flourished in, there is no assurances that will happen anywhere else. The temptations to 3peat is great, even better on one team, yes?

Riders are building a Grey Cup team but has no need for Collaros and no one in the West is looking for him. At best Ottawa & Toronto are the only other teams kicking his tires. Like it or not Harris or Masoli would likely do well in Winnipeg's system.

Re: Bombers placed 3rd, mostly due to the Nichols injury, prior to that they were a first place team.

Re: Streveler is in no way a starter, GREAT backup but not a starter. I would be asking too much to want Collaros & Streveler in 2022.....Mosoli & Streveler?? Either/or works for me.

How angry would Hamilton be if Bombers won a Grey Cup with Masoli? YIKES


Wasn't someone spouting off about how we had no depth on the lines?
Well, look at that. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Now that would be funny!


I remember it was assumed Jefferson was re-upping in Regina, Reilly was signing in Edmonton, Harris was signing in Ottawa until they didn't. I do think Collaros would like to stay but is it a sure thing he or Bryant are both staying? There's always surprises in free agency.
I do agree with CUP. Bombers aren't known for breaking the bank. Collaros does have family connections east. I believe family is within 20-30 minutes of BMO Field so going East to TO, who isn't sold on MBT, is a consideration. Pinball would take him in a NY minute. The opportunity to threepeat would be a strong option definitely. But never discount family. Remember Pronger? Sometimes it's not the player who makes the decision.