Bombers' Injury Report: Schoen sits out on Monday

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their first injury report of the week ahead of their meeting on Friday against the Toronto Argonauts.

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Never can tell with the Bomber reports - Schoen (hip), Jeffcoat (hip) likely turns out as a hip, hip, HOORAY - good to go come Friday. Fingers crossed. Of course, the Argos who are or aren’t playing this week is anybody’s guess. Even if dressed, how much will some of the regular starters play?

Schoen’s having a good year, but to me he seems to be labouring through it. No spring to his step, lots of painface. He probably needs a game or two off.

You’re right about that. He’s been pretty beat up from the start of the year and was the focus of defenders when Lawler was out.

I expect he’ll play the next two weeks if at all possible after which he’ll have a seat and be given some healing time.

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