Bombers Injury Report: Ellingson misses Sunday practice

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have submitted their first injury report of the week ahead of their game against the Calgary Stampeders on Thursday.

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Means nothing. Have yet to see an honest injury report from the Bombers. After a week off all these guys don't report for a practise isn't because they are injured. More likely late from their vacation.

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Means nothing. Have yet to see an honest injury report from the Bombers. After a week off all these guys don't report for a practise isn't because they are injured. More likely late from their vacation.

[/quote] whatever your perpetual jealousy is getting a little tiresome LOL

We've got until Wednesday to submit our depth charts. If everyone's got the green light to go I'll be a happy camper. If Patrick Neufeld doesn't start I hope we replace him with an import. I don't want to see Zack running for his life again.

If Jackson Jeffcoat, Demerio Houston and Redha Kramdi AND Mike Miller can also play then Calgary's in trouble. Especially if BLM shows up behind centre.

They're on a short week and THIS time it's our defense that's rested. :grinning:


It is not Jealousy I was just trying to calm the nerves of all the Bomber Fans when they see the FAKE injury list. Did I succeed ? :slight_smile: LOL :slight_smile:

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...It is not Jealousy I was just trying to calm the nerves of all the Bomber Fans when they see the FAKE injury list. Did I succeed ? LOL
[/quote]not really nothing in need of calming. whomever plays plays they have plenty
of receivers who can actually CATCH the ball. LOL

Lol. Bo is still good. If you gave him BC's receivers, it'd be a different story. by my count, Jorden dropped 2 tds against wpg in the endzone, both catchable. i think the two vets (jorden,Begelton) have had it with Bo. Bane and Philpot seem to run good routes and catch balls. the other two drop em. dont blame Bo for the constant receiver turnover. thats huf's problem. i predict that Hufnagel will stick with Bo at least one more time over bringing back sloppy receivers. its only his 8th year and nobody else has a better QB. put collaros or rourke with these receivers, be the same.

@GetReal: You seem to be a little behind history. Hufnagel is not the Head Coach anymore, he is the President & General Manager . It is Dave Dickenson, for quite some time now, as the Head coach that makes the decision if Mitchell starts or if Maier does.
However, I agree the receivers do not seem behind Mitchell any more. At least Karmar Jorden and Begelton. The new and younger guys are performing way better. Mitchell I suspect will start against the Bombers but will be pulled again if he is struggling.

The thing with Bo L Mitchell is that he's apparently healthy now - very hard to pull your healthy, highly-paid #1 superstar. Its embarrassing to the player - and it creates ripples of disturbance in the locker room.
Bo might be closer to being a TSN panelist than I first thought. He's very good on the air. Kinda like a white Milt Stegall - full of arrogance but also topped up by actual football knowledge.
He'll certainly play out this season as the #1 or being the big spur backup to Maier.
But I don't think he'll do more than another season before pulling the plug; earlier if he starts developing those 'Old Folks' type of nicks we see in other elderly stars like Andrew Harris & Duke Williams.

When his throwing mechanics are good - so is Bo. When he was younger he could sling it freestyle sometimes but he can't get enough on it that way now. Give Toronto's defence some credit too though for last week. Maier didn't do much either so....

So who brings in the players? That would be Huff. So i am smack dab in the middle of the blue, wouldnt ya say? lol, all i am saying is if the argos cut all the entire rec core a few years back, the stamps can do the same after the NFL cuts. easier to replace receivers than a QB.

yet again, I have no idea why people get so worked up about this - and each team does it.
I am worried about both Ellimgson and Jeffcoat tho, this hip thing has bothered both of them since early in the season and if its still getting aggrivated, it might be something they deal with all year.

The way Kyle Walters & Mike O'Shea seem to be handling this is to give both Jeffcoats & Ellingson a ton of time out of practice and giving them a game or clumps of games off here and there with no real plan.
The problem with this helter-skelter approach is its effect on continuity as guys get in for Jeffcoat, have an above average to great game but are extracted for Jeffcoat as soon as he declares himself ready to go. Conditioning might be a factor down the season's final furlong.
Same with Ellingson although the Bombers are rich with C- guys like McKnight, the subs can't really do the things Ellingson has been doing for the better part of a decade. It makes a difference in drive extensions, 1st downs, contested TD jumps and the like. It can also effect Collaros's health as he frantically goes thru progressions looking for an open man. . . . and if he takes a fraction more time - HE'S BLASTED LIKE HE'S NEVER BEEN BLASTED BEFORE!

Bombers lose Collaros = ITS OVER . . . . . .
no matter how brave a face they'll bring to the press conferences!

Bomber geezers well represented on the list. :joy::slightly_smiling_face:Should be ready by Thursday.

I would say all three starting with Bo then Jordan and then Begelton are not playing near good enough. Bo wouldn’t dare try to extend a play because he’s scared he will get picked or have to take a hit and Jorden unfortunately looks washed up.
Maier doesn’t seem to struggle getting completions and put some first down and drives together so he deserves a shot. Bo would be awesome trade bait down east for a legit Canadian receiver and some offensive line help.

Ellingson is back on the 6 game IR, this sucks big time.
With Grant hurt too, this leaves us real thin at WR (Agudosi, Orange already also on 6 game). I guess Harrison gets back in. Need Demski to have a big game.

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Yes very thin. I wonder if McKnight will finally see some action?

I think the lineup shows McRae getting in at WR ahead of Harrison. That'll be interesting as he's a RB, well I guess more a scatback. He'll take over Grants duties I guess.
Is McKnight even around anymore?

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I remember seeing that he returned to the practice roster a few weeks back.

I have now seen the depth charts for tonight’s game.

We could sure use some healing in our receiving corps. Time for Bailey to step up.


I really would like to see us sign an NFL cut that is a speedster, preferrably with hands & size. Is that too much to ask? :thinking: