Bombers in The Grey Cup? here is a fact - Glenn is Rockin'

I don't want to read to much into this game, but the Blue (after the 1st quarter) seemed UNSTOPPABLE again. Now that we are getting ijured players back, I think we can be a real contender in the playoffs this year. A dark Horse, but hey i'll take the cup anyway we can get it. We Proved we can beat any team in the league (except B.C) but that may be shown next week.

Cudos to Kevin Glenn - Like him or not, the last couple of games , he has shown Great patience and Pormise as out starter, don't write Kevin Off Yet!! His Stats This Year (keep in mind he was hurt for 3 games) are amonth the leagues best:

Kevin Glenn Stats - (couoldn't find completion percentage, but should be around 60-65%) He has 18 TD's against 13 INT's, 3,441 Yards Passing (injured 3 games) could be in the mid 4000 range and his QB rating is 85.4 (not bad stats) he has 6 TD's in 2 games and looks very confident now.LOOK OUT CFL>

Charles "Blink" Roberts - what can you say about Chuck, another rushing title pretty much in the books as he out performed Reynolds and showed why he is the best back in the league - Keep It Going "BLINK", Winnipeg Loves You.

Can Stegall Tie or Beat the TD Record Next Week against the Leo's. We will have to watch and find out.

And a home playoff date is not out of the picture, apparently, but i would imagine Toronto Having to lose and We Win, is that the way it is, since we hold the season series against the Argo's? either way I am just happy we are going to the Playoffs.

I already have my 4 tickets and i am ready to freeze my A$$ off no matter who is in the cup. Never know maybe it'll be: BOMBERS VS RIDERS (Party Time)

GO BOMBERS GO - Make Us Proud

Wow. You are very quick to jump on the Kevin Glenn wagon. Yes, KG did have a good game, and began to show signs that he cares. However, he still has not convinced me that he is the one. He has to have three more great games this year, then maybe you can tell the CFL to look out.

I seem to remember you repeating yourself over and over again in previous threads that you wanted Glenn gone. You wanted him out of Winnipeg so bad and you were sick of him throwing to just Stegall and ints. The guy has one good game and your ready to tell the rest of the teams to watch out for this guy. Until this guy wins a game that REALLY matters I won't be on that wagon.

...if Kevin can hold it together...we have a shot at the thing i did like....Glenn finally took a lickin and got right back in the game....maybe he's a little tougher than i thought...good far as his play.....he produced the kind of game we're going to need in the play-offs......Great game overall ...goBigBlue

It does not matter who wins the Toronto/Mtl game next week. If the Bombers win in BC, they get second no matter what happens in the Tor-Mtl game. If all 3 teams are tied at the end of the season (only if Wpg and Mtl win), Wpg finishes second based on various tie breakers. Mtl would be first, Toronto 3rd. If Toront beats Mtl and Wpg beats BC, then Wpg has more points than Mtl and will still take second. So the Tor-Mtl game has no bearing on the Bombers getting second. Beat BC you get 2nd, lose in BC you get 3rd. There is no way the Bombers can get 1st now though. Best they can do is 2nd place in the East.

You know what, you guys have the best team in the East right now.
Montreal is pretty inept on offence and defence, and Toronto has no offence.
I hate to say it, but you guys are looking pretty good for a Grey Cup slot no matter which place you finish in.

KG has been picking his game up but he is still showing weakness. he still underthrows alot he still over throws alot. He continues to throw a good series or 2 and then make unconsitent passes. but yes lately he has been getting alot better.
and sonnywade thanx for that. nice to see us blue and gold die hards aren;t the only ones that can see that

So goes for the rest of the CFL QB’s, I’ll admit he does under n over throw, but did you catch a climpse at Burriss throwing on the run , last night. Even the heavily disputed best QB in the league(Ray), looked like crap this season…Joseph is not the answer according to some Rider fans, Dickenson is still a gem…but never plays. Is Glenn a starter in this league?..the answer is YES…

A few weeks ago I would have laughed at the thought. Now with Toronto and Montreal playing so inconsistant anything can happen.

It would be quite a Cinderella story if The Bombers were to pull that off. How would Winnipeg survive Kanga for a week if that happened! :wink: :wink:

Right now, the East is a crap shoot, whoever gets hot in the playoffs could represent the East!

(Just to pi$$ off CBC, I would love to see Winnipeg represent the East!)

the cup winner will be in the west if you go by stats, all 3 of the eastern teams have struggled with the west. but here's to hope GO BLUE!!!!!