Bombers in the finals

.....Final two reg. season games played at CanadInns and Ivor Wynn , that is :lol: ....We get to see both of these grand old fixtures of the CFL, out the door....Kind of sad in a way...Lots of old memories hanging over the 'house that Jack built' and I'm sure the fans in Hamilton feel the same way about their old girl...Going to be a big change for the football viewing public...especially in the Peg.... BUT I think it's time to make some new memories in 2013...Still going to be a little sad when we pull the final curtain down at Polo Park...I'll always carry fond memories and remember the ol digs and of all the great players that played there, in all of their glory :thup: :rockin:

It's tough to see her go, but it's even worse to see her go the way she did.A home playoff game would've been a better send off for either or both squads.

The dream send-off would have been the EDF in Ivor Wynne and the WDF in the Peg, followed by a good old Bombers-Ticats Grey Cup. But that's on Ottawa.

Yes, it will be sad if both storied franchises bid farewell to their old homes by missing the playoffs... :cry:

QB - No Buck yet again, Elliott is on the limp and may play or not or may backup. Per Burke, Goltz will see some time in a wildcat package, probably along the lines of how they used Brink to run the ball a few times. Looking forward to see Brink start again but is he looking forward to starting because....

Un autre nouveau venu du Pakistan?