Bombers in need of a Running back!

Fred Reid and Volny are out for the season.

they need a Running back..

what do they do now? trade for one? find one that's on the Free Agency list?

there are a few out there availalbe.. Porter, Whitlock..

perhaps a few others.

Blue Bombers are looking at Bloi-Dei Dorzon out of Jackson State; expected to be in camp Tuesday.


...we also have Chris Garrett who was at tc and played really well....Actually i liked him better than Fred....It's not the running back position we're worried about :wink:

...if you want to have a look at Bloi D...there's a youtube clip on him on the Bombers site

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I passed the test FootbalYouBet, link above. :stuck_out_tongue:

what is the qb situation?

....desperate :frowning:

I'm concentrating on the Esks vs Lions game this Friday. :cowboy:

Diandra Cobb is a free agent and has rushed for 1,217 and 1,173 yds in each of the past two seasons. (his only two seasons in the CFL)

He would be as good addition as any for a replacement.

well, bomber fans can always console themselves with their favorite bc sucks chant. :stuck_out_tongue:

There's also Arkee Whitlock and Daniel Porter out there, somewhere. . .

Trade for Joffey Reynolds? Calgary seems to be moving on, asking price might be reasonable due to the cap space it'd free up.

Pretty tough luck for them to lose two RBs in one game.

was just about to post the same thing.

Garret is a very good back, been with the Bombers a couple seasons, they won't lose much if any with him in. They also have Tim Brown, who returns kicks, and the new guy Dorzen, I don't see them signing anyone else unless they get more injuries.

I'd be far more concerned about the QB. I know you can say this about any team, but the Bombers will only go as far as Buck takes them and he's really pushing his luck sometimes out there. Running backs are very interchangeable and it's not like Fred Reid has been lighting up the league. It shouldn't really be hard to find someone to plug in. I know you still need to get adjusted to the systems, but still..

Garrett is starting vs Montreal

Don't really need an RB, it's the deepest position in football. Easy to find a quality one. I would've liked to bring in Whitlock (Cobb sucks, don't let his numbers fool you, he's fast but all he does is dance around. He'll break a 50 yard run and then get 3 yards on his next 10 carries.) but Garrett was good in camp.

I'm worried about the QB situation though. Goltz isn't good enough.

This.Cobb is terrible, after his first season everyone clued into his style which was obviously easily countered.Dance dance dance 2 yard gain.Dance dance dance, 1 yard loss.Dance dance dance, no gain.OL opens a huge hole, 35 yard run.

Much happier with Cobourne and the very impressive Terry Grant.

Back on topic, watched some film on this new kid you guys signed, he looks like Mr.Olympia rather than a Rb and I believe he was clocked at 4.35 in one of his videos.Fred Reid's future replacement perhaps?

he's intriguing for sure.. has some power and apparently has a lot of speed.. he looks good in the college games for sure.. if he can transfer that to the pros he could be a Fred Reid replacement in the future.. though the Bombers really like Volny too.. but I this Dorzon guy is definitely interesting

will be interesting to see what Dorzon can do on the wide side of the field ... not that we ever run anything other than up the middle :smiley: