Bombers IN Game thread vs CGY

SO far not looking good, Cgy really is only playing for a possible home advantage in the semis--

Winnipeg is against the wind, but continues to go 2 and out--

I have never seen an offense so bad , that is a clear indication that Lapolice is at fault here- You cannot go 2 and out every possession early in games and win games--

The D looks good, but it doesent really matter, as the Offense will not score enough to WIN the games--

Its sad, a Bomber TD would be great, a reason to celebrate, but I cant see them scoring more than 10 today--

Johnson looking good on kickoff returns today--

Bomber D looking good--

Edwards hurt, BRINK as good as he is, has played almost every snap at home this season–

There is the turnover, Bombers should just play backups now, and watch BC togethere at a PUB–

Lapolice has not addressed the O line and offense, at this point, the season is OVER for winnipeg–

THere is no chance that they can win anything anymore.

Lol 10-0 already--

In case anyone doesent know TATE is the best QB in the CFL hands down- Its not even a question anymore--

Bombers should play their 3rd stringer, this game is over-- Calgary is going to pummel this sad bomber joke of a team-

Complete embarrassment? I was posting in threads that the Bombers should just play backups and conceed the LOSS to CGY--

It looks like I was right-- This Bomber team is a complete JOKE- they dont deserve anything, they have no heart and are really cellar dwellars-

17-0 now--

Now if Lapolice had any brains which we all know he does not, pull YOUR STARTERS< you could be playing next week!!!

You are not winning this game, so its up TO BC- Bombers are not capable of winning in must win games, so PULL the starters and hope that BC wins--

You are not winning this game, your team cannot score a TD--

CGY will trash you guys 45-0

Put in Summers as QB, bring in Etienne and the CIS receivers–

You simply cannot afford to lose any more players in this game–

CGY is going to hang 50 on PEG-- The PEG defense is garbage, they look good vs SEMI PRO QBs like Burris, Jyles, Lemon, Glenn–

How about this Swaggerville D? it was a terrible Defense all season long. They played no one, put them vs a QB with a BRAIN and they cannoot stop them--

Has Doug BROWN done anything this season? Where is Willis today? MIA again--

This Bomber team never makes a critical play when they need it- IF they are not playing vs kevin GLenn or Lemon they cannot stop teams--

They make the odd play, but are very overrated vs any decent offense--

Lapolice has to be fired year end- He is horrible and has no idea--

Bomber ball chance to win the game--

Lapolice will screw this up for sure

The O line will get pummeled by a CGY blitz soon--

Call a screen Lapolice----

and dont kick a fgoal with a minute left thinking you will get the ball back to tie it--

having fun trolling with yourself?

go post on the Stamps forum if you love Tate so much. Tate was far from the reason the Stamps won, he didn’t even play as well as Brink. the Bombers gift wrapped the Stamps a 17-0 lead and then Tate had one nice drive and did nothing for the rest of the game.

Wow. I thought I had seen some dandies on this board, but this Guru guy is the most out to lunch thing I have ever wittnessed. A definate reincarnate of someone who's been banned.
Anyway, good luck to the Bombers and congrats on first place. Now it's just a matter of getting hot for a couple of hours for a couple of weeks and it's parade time.

Strange fellow for sure.

And the Bombers will host the East Final.

Maybe I have a really strange sense of humor but this is one of the funniest threads I've seen in a while.

The Guru comes to perk in the Eskie forum too, but oh well. Congrats to the Bombers on their 10-8 finish.