Bombers in Financial Trouble!

Scott Taylor from Winnipegs press core was on the radio this morning stating that the Bombers are in the hole for about 750,000 dollarsand this year the prjection is going to around another 500,000 dollars. Plus if each of the eight teams have to prop up the Renegades this will add another couple of million.
Even with the Grey cup this will help but not for long. He said the stadium proposal will only fly if the Bombers are sold privately.
Anybody here this locally!

.....Bombers are solvent.....if we have to carry the Rens. maybe......we'll lose the money we would have garnered from the Grey Cup.....and then we'll have to start worrying.....In order to compete in the league for talent ...Wpg. has had to spend money....the rainy day fund will be its back to the Scott Taylor sounds too doom and gloom....but we will have to watch our finances...and that is a fact... 8)

Well he said even without the buy out the Bombers future is bleak. The Grey Cup will help but he said to to stay out of the red They would have to have a GC every three years to keep them solvent. Also he found out that the new stadium is a no go unless private ownership of the Bombers happens. So when do th Apsers step in to the game! He said that is the ace in the hole because the Aspers bailed the Bombers out of a 2 million dollar debt last time.

1)taylor is a lunatic sometimes
2)what if the aspers are like the glibs? then were in trouble

Bauer is budgeting for first loss since taking over in 2000
Scott Taylor, National Post
Winnipeg Blue Bombers CEO Lyle Bauer needs to rally the troops.

For the first time since Bauer took over as the team's CEO back in 2000, the Winnipeg Football Club is budgeting for a loss on operations in 2006. With the rise in the Canadian Football League salary cap to $3.8-million, the Bomber brass does not believe the team can compete with the rest of the league and turn a profit at the same time.

Even more frightening is recent news that there is a chance -- slim though it may be -- that teams might be forced into propping up the troubled Ottawa Renegades.

"No one has told me that we'll be asked to do that, so I'm not going to worry about it right now, but you know it would be difficult for us," Bauer said. "I have never budgeted for a loss before ... we need our friends now, more than ever.

"But we are also making significant changes in the way we run our organization. We have to. If you don't change, if you don't adapt, you die."

The Bombers are expected to announce a $400,000 loss in 2005 and, according to sources, believe they could lose almost $700,000 on operations this season. That would leave the team's accumulated debt at approximately $1.3-million after the 2006 season, the highest since the debt was nearly eliminated in 2002.

"We've done some good things already," Bauer said. "We've gained about 1,000 new season-ticket holders and if the trend continues we'll move from 17,000 to 20,000 season tickets. On Saturday, the first day of open ticket sales for the 2006 Grey Cup, the sales were outstanding. But costs are rising more quickly than we'd anticipated. We have challenges, no doubt about it. But know this: we will compete."

Seems to me Red that this news doesnt come as a surprise and that bombers have been preparing for it.........Scott Taylor seen an opportunity to alert the public and what better time to do that then with Ottawa going into the crapper........I am sure his intention was to say to fans, it can happen here to if you dont get behind your team........

The Aspers are nothing like the GliberGuys, give your head a shake.

On Scottie Boy we agree, other than I would remove the “sometimes” from your statement. :wink:

Is it just in the cards that the CFL has to have some kind of circus going on in the off season? The gades thing just is pathetic. Is it just bad timing for the Bombers too? I can almost still hear coach Cal say, " We would have made nearly 1 Million If we didn’t have to prop up the Argos" ( I think) After the 1991 GC. Then in 1998 the GC was a disaster.

Don’t get me wrong not tring to be a GC killjoy but dam, can’t the BB get a break.

Note:Just so you don’t think I’m all talk and no go.
My family has 4 season tickets and 4 GC tickets and I can’t wait for the season to start. GO BLUUUUUUUUUUUE !!!

the Bombers will be fine, were much better off than Ottawa. :roll:

and with the Aspens becoming owners one day, who knows what can happen.

Scott Taylor has made a career out of bashing the CFL...
Media does have to cover the negetive issues, to a point...
Some media type peaple, cover stories.. with the attidude of the CFL is a circus..
The sky is Scott Taylors favorite story..
No kidding Scott, what do you have in mind,
Don't bring talent in, stink the joint out,
That will bring fans, to the stadium in droves...

True he was the one that said the Bombers best player was the kicker last year. I hope the fans come out this year many sellouts would kill this type of reporting.

No doubt,red05.. nothing brings fans out better ...than winning footbal games..
To bad the Gades , couldn't win some football games towards the end of the year..
Make the playoffs, get lucky in the first round...and your off to the races...
Just may be, they wouldn't be in this mess..

....Kanga....its the Aspers....the Aspens have a team in we have been down this road before....every time a team needs bailing out (east) it seems to happen about the time the Bombers are seeing a little daylight financialy....we are getting tired of proping teams up....going into the red....and then not being able to compete for fas...or bring in some higher priced talent....Look what happened with one of our star players (ARLAND BRUCE)....we helped out T.O. the point where they could come in and scoop one of our premiere players...Im getting sick and tired of that crap....and if it comes down to us having to fork over a bunch of cash to keep the Rens. going.... I say no-way....I for one won't be a happy camper....T he league better come up with a better solution or fold the Rens. FOR THIS YEAR.....As far as the Aspers being involved with the Bomber franchise....I say great....They are not the Gliebs........They are home-town boys who love WPG. and the Bombers...have helped them out in the past...and will continue to do so.....Judging by their last financial statement....they could probably buy the Bombers ....erect a sport facility on their own (but they won't) and they are nice people to have around....and maybe they will be even more involved with the CFL. in the future.. :!:

So question for you guys.....

Our media in Vancouver have said that it would be a financial strain on the Bombers, and Riders if they had to shell out $400,000 to prop up Ottawa. Is that an accurate statement for them to make?

Also....the latest rumour......from the radio Know-It-Alls.......Winnipeg won't support a bail-out because if Ottawa folds, you would get first pick in the dispersal draft and pick up Kerry Joseph...Voila...Starting QB solved!

Any substance to that rumour, or is our radio stations full of Marty Yorks?

...nope... we would get second pick Sporty.....depends on who Hamilton would pick....if they took Joseph which is doubtful ...seeing as they have Maas....we would select Banks as we are no. 2 pick...reverse it if Ti-Cats took Banks....It would be interesting to see who would be no 1 qb. if we kept Joseph...him or me they're about the same...slight edge Joseph..Lets hope it dosen't come to that....the league is better off if a decent owner takes over the Gades...failing that... fold em....... no matter.Bauer and the Shiv. in Regina would be forced into following the latest deal the league cooks will make for 2 unhappy franchises and a lot of po'd fans....quite a dilema :roll:

Thanks Papa.....Sounds like the radio guys went to the Marty York school of journalism,

...I think everyone is speculating at best on the Rens situation.. :roll:

I really don’t think it would be good for either teams bottum line. The romour right now is that the BB will show a loss of 400,000 last season. throw into that the new salary cap which seemed to make Bauer and taman squerm when it first came out.
Taman and Bauer have been bring in good players to improve the team and look like they are saying we have to spend money to make money. So, taking a hit for proping up the Gades would eat in the profits generated from the Grey Cup that would get rid of the debt.
When the BB retire the debt they have access to 1,000,000 in a fund set up. So, it could cause some real problems should the “league” be left holding the bag on the Gades.

I’d hate it if the BB got a starting QB that way.

i wouldnt care i just want to win!

take that back, let's get Jopesh when Ott spends, and they can have tee martin.