Bombers in 2009 predictions

There are alot of threads lately that are going off topic, so I'll start a general thread to talk about the upcoming season.
First of all I'd like to say that I am excited about another year of football fast approaching, so much so that I look for any news about the Bombers before I look for anything about the Stanley Cup right now!
I know Kelly has his haters for doing things differently, but I give him kudos (even though he has left me scratching my head on more than one occasion....). This is his team, and he's building it as such. I completly agree with his philosophy as well.
With many picking us to finish the year last with maybe 4 wins is good for me. I don't mind being the underdog with little expectations. Anytime you have this many changes, there is going to be a gelling period. Hopefully it won't take long, but I seriously think we will be very competitive this year. I don't see any team in the East doing really well, including Montreal. I think it will be very close right to the end to decide playoff standings. If we can play sound defence, smart ball controlled offence, we will be OK. But as many know, it is the special teams that have been "special" the last few years. IMO this is where we will need a huge improvement if we are to make any type of noise this year. I really hope Serna can bring it in camp (I like the kid) and that we can establish a good return team. BTW - I said it last year - does anyone remember the last time we had a blocked punt? cause I sure don't! I would really like to see a team that creates alot of turnovers - that was where we've had our success in the past. I'll never forget that game against Hamiltom where Rod Hill had 5 INT's, That's right, 1 guy, 1 game!

At any rate, finish respectable, win most of our home games (I hate paying good cash to watch them lose) and I'll be satisfied for this year. Next year though, I do expect much bigger things!