Bombers host Al'S

Can the Bombers make a comeback?????????? Probably NOT!!!!!!!!!

Some of the CFL’s biggest hobos:

  1. Matt Hobo
  2. Mike O’Shea
  3. Gomer Kyle Walters
  4. Rich Hall
  5. Clarisse Denmark
  6. Bummer Hurl

Bummers in a desperate journey for CFL bottom feeder w/ SRR :cowboy:

Can't put Wad Miller as a CFL hobo.

Repulsive Wad is tryin' like the dickens to put bums in the seats - prolly 25,000 to 26,500 in the stnds - for team that doesn't deserve more than 15,000 diehards! Wonder howl long he'll stick with vermin like O'Shea, Walters, Nichols, Hallsy Hall.

Nichols looks like shell-shocked Drew Willy!

After that early INT for the Bombers, Als have their number, firing on all cylinders. Durant looks hot and when he's hot and in tune with his receivers, look out. Jackson is a beast of a receiver.

Bummers truly horrid. More chaos than Trump White House.Team of Schlumps & Hobos - Stubby O'Shea will be making chnges - not many, but some. Roc Carmichael is finished as a pro, terrified of contact. Hurl is inferior as all git out!

Wonder bout paying a total choker like Medloss $200k when most teams spend $95 to $120k on keekers! :cowboy: :thdn:

Rod assblackwards was blindly describing a miracle before reality set in!

Good on bombers for not giving up the ghost!

1st good decision by O'Shee to roach the convert vs. risking a block or 2 pt return. Didn't know he knew the game that well.

Still, serious issues remain in Winnipeg!!!

What is this that stands before me? Matt Nichols, the onside kick, 41-40 Winnipeg final

Not usually a fan of the Bombers but I will give credit where credit is due. This was a gutsy win by a team that never gave up trying for a win. Well done Bombers! This was a true CFL finish. Congrats Bombers, you deserved this one.

Crazy finish :thup:

Lyle! No comments??
Wow, Nichols best play of the game, getting his head in front of that sack!!

Who would have thought after last weeks classic in BC, this one was even better.
No question the Als gave this one away as the TD before the winning one was flag football style defense.

Had more comments than Mr. Poo or Die! :thup:

Agreed, there is no chance that was roughing the passer by the Als.


Regardless of what team any fan was cheering for, this was entertaining.

Als learned a good lesson.

Never quit, Keep working.

Should know that anyway. :roll:

Nate only comments when he can whine and complain about the Bombers.He’s not what you would call a fan of the team.He has made a lifetime commitment to complaining about them,especially management. I can’t decide if it’s sad or weird.

Our defensive coordinator Thorpe SUCKS! :thdn:

Holy cripes - Crazy Football League, I guess maybe even Batsh....t Crazy Football League! I didn't think the Bombers had a chance in heck but the way they battled back, with the help of a few perhaps questionable calls, they won. Harris is one heck of an all-around back, love to have this guy on my team that's for sure!

Just an unreal game, I thought the Als had it in the bag but was I wrong. Medlock for having a bad game really bailed himself out with that onside kick, done to perfection. :o

Nichols was smart enough to lower his antlers (helmet) - the Als dude couldn’t help taking 15 yds :cowboy:

The only guy I exempted from hobo status was Wad Miller - if you didn’t read it I understand - most vicious-mouthed bomber fan-trolls don’t (or can’t) read.

Nice to see your tickled pink by O’Shey & Gomer Kyle’s .410 winning career percentage. :cowboy:

Ackie led with the top of his helmet right into the side of Nichols helmet
It was a RTP helmet to helmet and was an unnecessary hit as he had a clear path to the QB.