Bombers hold off Ticats to win season opener

WINNIPEG — Continuity reigned supreme on Friday night, as a veteran-laden Winnipeg Blue Bombers team held on to top a Hamilton Tiger-Cats team that’s a cast of new characters 42-31.

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If the Cats thought that BLM was going to save them from self-destructing against Winnipeg, yeah… no. I suspect the Bombers will be sending Xmas cards to Hamilton again this year.


We’ll see what happens when the field is level and the calls go both ways. Enjoy your Bud Light,

And who is going to be sending Christmas cards to Calgary then this year ?

“We’ll see what happens when the field is level and the calls go both ways.” - would you please elaborate? What calls were horribly in favour of Winnipeg and/or biased against Hamilton?

“Enjoy your Bud Light” you typed, are you actually trying to shame someone with a beer choice? Why draw your homophobia into a football game conversation?


Maybe he’s mad that the refs called his boy for belly splashing our guy. What a stupid move by that guy.


Don’t use logic with stamps fan they can’t comprehend.

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Hamilton wasn’t even on the same planet as the bombers lol 29-4 at half time ? Bo is washed up and DONE if not for 21 points on turnovers this game isn’t close , Colarros had more yards in first quarter than Bo had all game lol Bo and the tiger cats should scare NOBODY , and I’m not even a bombers fan lol , your best qb is actually Schiltz

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Bombers destroyed the tiger cats and look to be the class of the league again and I’m not a bombers fan , as for Bo he is done , how can cats fans be happy with performance ?

Are you saying the refs won the game for the bombers?
The most points came for the cats in garbage time. Everyone who saw that game would certainly say garbage time points made the final score look far better than the play of the Cats dictated … refs or not, and the refs had say in the outcome.


I saw Hamilton’s left guard jump early and was not called. Maybe there were errors but don’t blame the outcome on officiating. I do admit that the WPG fans in the stands knew when to make a LOT of noise at the right times.


Interesting the comparison the broadcast threw up comparing Mitchell and Collaros. Exact opposites in that Collaros keeps getting better and Mitchell keeps getting worse. The body of their careers look comparable but I wouldn’t want Mitchell and don’t hold out any hope for Hamilton this year.

Post-game BLM was happy with his game. Hmmm…I’ll allow him some grace since really this game was first game for both teams with full starters and in Steeltown they had 12 new starters; but I think BLM analysis could have been much harsher on himself. Much like in the TV broadcast booth where his hatred of the Bombers was so clear in GC game last 2 years. Not a very objective person from what I’ve heard.


Well, You DO know that nothing is ever BLM’f fault!


We are who he thought we were :grin:


Bombers should win unless the Argos have some hex to help them out come playoff time which they always seem to get cuz the Argos own this league. People need to accept it

I don’t know if the Argos own the league or are just holding it for ransom.

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Seems like Every 5 years they pop off a random Grey Cup win (2012, with Ricky Ray they were good, 2017 and 2022 were kinda choke jobs by Calgary and Winnipeg)