Bombers hire RB coach

From the Bombers website:

Head Coach Tim Burke has announced the addition of running backs coach Steve Hladio to his staff today.

“Steve is a very well respected coach who worked with us in training camp last season,? said Burke. “We look forward to having him help out our offensive staff this season and work closely with our talented group of young running backs.?

Hladio just completed his third season as the offensive line and running backs coach with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is the former offensive line coach of current Blue Bomber coach Pat DelMonaco at the University of Albany. The two also worked together at Hudson Valley Community College in 2002.

Hladio has also held coaching positions at Harvard University and Florida International University, and was a Graduate Assistant at Boston College under current New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin where he also worked closely with current Blue Bomber Offensive Coordinator Gary Crowton that same season.

Hladio is a former team captain at Division II Shippensburg University where he was a standout on the offensive line.

Now maybe people will shut up about not having enough coaches.

...Is it my imagination or is it that we do everything in slow motion since Mack arrived :roll: We do get there but we're like the turtle in the hare race....BUT if it ends like that race did, I guess we shouldn't complain that much..GO Mack and :rockin:.....Good hire... :thup:

For me, its not about volume of coaches so much as quality of coaches. Its nice having a RB coach, but our run game has been one of the few consistently bright spots over the years. Our run game put up great numbers last year despite an inefficient passing game. By and large its been the passing attack and the QB play that has been underwhelming the last 4-5 years. I know its not uncommon for the OC to double up as the QB coach but with Crowton being a CFL newbie last year I think it would've helped him to have someone more experienced in the CFL. Now I fully realize that this was supposed to be Lapo but with the way apparently he and Crowton butted heads it clearly didn't work. And as much as people like to bash Mack for the QB situation, Lapo had 2 1/2 years to work with the younger guys and he didn't make significant progress with either of them. Now with a year under his belt and hopefully some added knowledge about CFL offenses and defenses, I'm hoping we see Crowton have a little more success building up the QBs. Same for Burke who seemed at times to be in over his head as a first time HC. IMO this season will hinge largely on how much those two have grown as coaches since last year and less on the number of assistants they have.