Bombers Head Office bleeding

Taman and Not resign? What's the inside story? Why did they leave so suddenly? Is this Bauer or are they moving to greener pastures? Who's going to replace them? Can the Bombers recover? :cowboy:

...Kelly is already doing player personel work.....maybe we'll take someone else on eventually....right now i like the move...Finally truly cleaned house.....though some would disagree and feel there should be more changes.....LIKE THE OWNERSHIP SITUATION :lol:

no one will replace him. i am nether here nor there. i think he was great at getting guys hear but i think his time was up.

Wow! Bauer gets to stay. Incredible

who is going to boot bauer out the door? thats right no one. at least not till asper gets the team. no one over rules bauer and our board is filled with cowards our his cronies. until that changes bauer is here to stay.

Based on what Taman has said, he wasn't up to the challenge that lies ahead. Seems pretty clear that Kelly wanted him out beating the bushes around the country (basically doing his job) and Taman didn't have the stomach for it (at his reduced salary). Kelly's new pace looks like it was a little too fast for Tamans liking.

In my opinion, and this is just an opinion, Mike K probably has some ideas of the schools the MGBs should be recruiting from while Brendan T has had other ideas. Mike K should have similar contacts to those of Cal Murphy, meaning mid-west and southern schools as opposed to western ones. Mike coaches his style and knows the schools that teach it. I don't think Brendan will have too much trouble getting a job if he wants one and will probably show up to TO or BC.

Bauer must go. He is the single biggest headache this team has. The board of directors are cronies of both Asper and Bauer. These two have hand picked yes men the past 10 years. Mike Kelly will not be successful with Bauer at the helm. Look to another disastrous season. :cowboy: :cowboy:

....once again too negative dog....Asper has never been in charge of finding players for this team...and Bauer was making do with a financially screwed-up team.....that'll change when Asper takes over... :wink:

....there's talk of setting-up a scouting system in the states...and also the repalcement for Taman could be Paul Jones(now with the esks.) from what i understand he has a lot of contacts south of the border and along with Mike Kellys' knowledge of players ...could be a very good situatuion :wink:

First off, regarding Taman, here's a list of six really good trades he made in his career:

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Sort of takes the edge off a little bit on his inability to ever find a decent backup QB or a kicker.............

Now, not being from Winnipeg, I'm not as up on the situation out there as most of you are, so someone please enlighten me as to why there is such a hate on for Lyle Bauer among some posters? I met him briefly at Grey Cup weekend in Montreal and he was certainly pleasant and approachable (not that that means much of anything).

...Taman has football in his blood....Maybe its time for him to step-back and have a breather... i can almost guarantee he'll be guess....the renewed Ottawa franchise will come knocking...Good Luck Brendan...thanx for the ups and downs in your tenure with the BigBlue....time to move on.. :thup: know MadJack....when you haven't won a Cup for a very loooong time...people will look for someone to hang the blame on....You can't dump all of the bad decisions, at just one persons door ... . Using Bauer as the whipping boy is really unfair....All mangement decisions, of the past, to do with the Bombers surely can be questioned....but to single out one or two guys all of the time is ridiculous...I think Bauer has done a credible job ....especially with a financially strapped team ..In the end ...whats the old saying can please some of the people some of the time......./////////// :wink:

Hey Papa, is that the same Paul Jones that was with us before? Big man! short......yes....same guy.. :thup: