Bombers have best recieving corps in the league?

they have potential to be the best recievers.

calgary is getting too much everyone overlookin all the dropped balls, just because they beat montreal?

they are not playing to the level they are capable of.

It doesn't even look like Baker is coming to WPG afterall. Which is surprising, you'd think he'd want to burn his old team.....
The addition of Cavil will help, but I'm not going to try and say he's going to be great, and get 1000 yrds....
All I care is that he is dependable, can beat a defender 1 on 1, and make the big imoprtant drive sustaining catches.

If the Bombers receivers are so great why the airlift of has beens and never will bee's :lol:

Baker is still pouting in TO over being released......sounds like he doesnt want to play football anymore....

Wow , the headline wasn't intended as sarcasm . :? A week ago Bomber fans are on here complaining how they got no good receivers after Stegal ( the actual truth ) and now some actually think they are the best??? Brazzel was let go from BC because he just wasn't good enough , , BTW . Only Bomber receiver that could make the BC roster is Stegal.

...according to the press piggy....Baker wants to get a 'rap' group up and running.....maybe he could get 'dancing Danny M'... from the Esks. to join his group...and they could really do some ''shuckin' and 'jivin'.....heh heh... :rockin: :rockin: :lol:

i think baker is hurt deeply from the argos 'family' cutting him.

he'll come around.

I do believe that Cavil is not the reciever he is hyped up to be. He did have some good seasons in Montreal, but after he got traded the Esks, he just was not the same receiver,its why the Esks traded him to Hamilton and now with Winnipeg. He has been on half the teams in the CFL, I think the Bombers will find out why 3 other teams didnt want him on their team.

…heh penn why don’t you return Simon to the Bombers (we should never have let him go)…but life goes on…it was an interesting comment that Simon made while in town for the last game against the Bombers…he said he is very happy to be where he is now…BUT…that one of the biggest mistakes he made was to leave Winnipeg and try out for Kansas City…he said he would have been very happy to remain a Bomber but made a wrong move…ended up alright for him though…we had at one time Arland Bruce …Simon …Stegall…on our roster…and if they were playing for the Bombers today…nobody touches that group… :rockin: :wink: alas!! alas!! forgot about Bobby Gorgeous that was the best receiving core the Bombers ever had.....this one wouldnt even make the top 10 on my all time list....

And DG, I think you are absolutley right about Baker, he is saying 50 - 50 that he shows....Taman and Berry just need to stroke that big Ego a little more and I think he will come around.....anyone know how good of a rapper he is.....even if I heard some of his stuff I couldnt tell you if it is good or bad....I guess I am too old to get with it..

Did he say that with out laughing :lol: !

Alas yes

This guy must have a man crush on Stegall.

Of course they do! I mean come on, look at how they've been lighting up opponents the past few weeks. The have great depth in their receiving corps.