Bombers have best recieving corps in the league?

With the two newly additions of Robert Baker and Kwame Cavil, the Bombers look like they are going to have a pretty sharp recieving corps after their bye week.


I know right now considering that Glenn is out, we could have anybody out there and it wudnt matter since we dont have a proven backup qb.

Best Receiving Core?

I'd take BC's, Edmonton or Calgary's before those.

I would too sportsmen.

Edmonton's Tucker, Hervey, Mitchell, and Woodcock, or Calgary's Copeland, Lewis, Thurmon, and Rambo, or B.C.'s Simon, Clermont, Simmons, and Thelwell all look better than Winnipeg's receiving corps.

ours is easily better than calgarys, Rambo?!? i wud say edmontons is a bit better, and same with bc's.but not calgarys.

Copeland, Lewis, and Thurmon are all 1000 yard receivers last year and they are all in the top 11 this year in receiving yards, so yes I would take Calgary's over Winnipeg's.

Winnipeg cant touch Calgary's recievers.

Go away for a week and come back to a new receiving corp! They should keep the defence on their toes for sure. Ratings are a subjective thing but we should be much better then before. A good QB can make a good receiver a super star.

bombers_evan you must be trolling. Pretty funny though. Made me chuckle.

The best recievers are the ones with the best OC, linemen, RBs and QBs, as a group. If the rest s.u.c.k, so do the receivers.

On any given day, any 4 guys mentioned could be the best qroup, depending on the rest of the team.

I think the best receivers are the ones who make the tough catches. This year I'd have to say it's been Nick Lewis and as per usual Ben Cahoon, Tucker, and Simon. Don't see them dropping many balls.

Not only the tough catches, but also the ones (like the four you mentioned) who seem to draw double or even triple coverage on routes and still find ways to get open.

Well, I dont know how you could leave Milt off that list guys, but I suspect all those others you mentioned make the supporting cast that much better by drawing the double and triples, which is going to leave a lot of man on man for the other guys, someone like Baker could really flourish in that kind of setting, wouldnt you agree.

Of course Stegall's on that list pigseye (one of the top 3 receivers in the league imo).

As far as Baker goes, I guess we'll see, drawing single coverage because of Milt is never a bad thing.

def calgary.

Milt alone is better than Calgary's receivers combined.

Milt is a great reciever, but give me a break Calgary's 2 super slots together are better then Stegal alone not even including Thurman and Rambo.

Think before you say somthing like that.

Winnipeg's recievers:

Stegal - one of the best ever.

Baker - a locker room problem, but still a good reciever.

Cavil - done nothing in the last season and a half.

Brazzil - one of the biggest Winers in the league.

case closed.

BC has by far in the 2006 season the best recievers in the league on a whole. Even with Simmons out.

The Lions are solid.

Lol id rather have Milt than Nikki Lewis and Charlene Copeland.

Taman has brought in a couple of good receivers that have put up 1000 yard seasons which is good and im excited about seeing them play but im not going to go saying that we have the best in the league. Best player in the league yeah sure but not the best group of receivers.