Bombers have been luckey should have lost to Hamilton

Bombers have not deserved first place, should have lost to Tor. at home as well. I hope their luck runs out and they face what other teams have injuries. They do not dserve to host the eastern final. They have been winning on luck and I hope their luck runs out.

..i guess you have to be good to be lucky....or lucky to be good....oh ,and the rest of the division has played so well that they should actually be in 1st. place....NOT.....c'mon where are you digging this crap up from....from sore 'loserville' :lol: :lol:

Should have lost
Could have, lost
Didn't lose :roll:

Doest matter if its luck or skill, The bombers won and are in first place!!!!

When teams consistantly win close games it's more than mere coincidence. It means that they were the team that could make the key play when it counted. The ability to make the key play when it counts is what separates winning teams from losing teams.

Sure a blowout win is nice, but I'll keep taking the two point wins all they way to the Grey Cup.

Dum mistakes cost the Tiger Cats this win.

Learn to spell.. Lucky..

after all is said and done. a W is a W no amtter how u get it. read the papers that the same thing the players are saying. ya the bombers have been thight. but a team that can come together under all the pressure and make the plays to win they deserve it. so we have gotten lucky but so has ever other team. i will take a win either way. and i'll be the first to say that we should be alot stronger and am disapointed in our play thus far. but 5 games left can change all that.

this thread is rediculous.... hamilton wasnt lucky themselves?

the QB with the least amount of picks in the league throws two against them? 2 dropped passes in the end zone, one by milt stegall himself. if thats bot luck, i dont know what is

Yes, Hamilton had some luck with all the Winnipeg mistakes. However, the Bombers had the most luck on this night since they are the ones who went away from the game with a win. Hamilton has to go back home adding another heartbreaking loss to their already dismal record.

Gotta be good to be lucky!

wspidel, what the hell have you been smoking? Good teams will make key plays to win games. Look at BC's game in Saskatchewan last week. They took advantage of a mistake by the Rider D and scored the game winning TD. That is what good teams do. Winnipeg is a good team, and they found a way to win. No one ever asks you how you win, just how many.

You make it sound like football is pure randomness. Football isn't slot machines - with slot machines, there is only one variable: chance. Not so with football. There are so many other variables, many of them in the control of the team itself (and many not).

Anyways, I feel for you. I would have liked Hamilton to win, not because I wanted Winnipeg to lose, but because it is good for the league when there is parity. Nothing helps to achieve parity more than the last-place team in a division beating the first-place team. But the fact that it was a close game and not a blow-out does get partially there - it's just not as visible because it doesn't show on the standings sheet.

Good luck (see, I agree that it is a factor!) with the rest of the year (just not against Sask though!!).

Considering they have a 5 point lead, they could have lost a couple and still been in first. How about because their starting qb has been healthy all year. Think of that genius ?

Luck has very little to do with Jason Armstead deciding to run the ball out of his own endzone and getting stopped at the four yard line.

Hamilton makes a bone headed decision, Winnipeg takes advantage. No luck involved.

The difference between a winner and a loser is that a winner takes advantage, and a loser complains about being unlucky.

rarely is a lose not accompanies by dum mistakes.

Really! Not all mistakes are dumb.

I'm a Bombers fan and I still say we were lucky to win on Saturday. People who say winners take advantage and losers complain doesn't really prove anything.

The reality is if we expect to be a true contender, we have to play much better. We lost to Toronto last week a probably should have lost on Saturday. Stegal was terrible. I know the wind was a factor, but both teams had to play with it. Setta hit the uprights in the 1st quarter because of the wind. If he makes that field goal we lose the game.

///uh ...oh ////er sorry to have to remind you ,,WE WON THE GAME....quit arguing symantics....the Bombers have the 2 pts....lets move on... :roll: maybe we'll be lucky, IF we beat the leos as well, i guess..... but ya never know ,we might be good on the day.... :lol: :wink:

if he made that kick they might have won, if the bombers would have handed off to charles roberts instead off throwing 2 incompletions in the endzone after 2 good runs by charlie earlier in that drive they might have still have won. 2 way street baby!!!

Hey, I agree it is a two way street. Both teams had chances to score and win the game. And 2 points for the win is great! All I am saying is that if we expect people around the CFL to believe that Winnipeg is a true contender, then it shouldn't come to these sorts of plays to win a game. Realistically, it was a toss up as to who would win on Saturday. I believe that we ended up on the lucky side.

Hamilton has only won two games this year (one of them against us by the way)

We need to be much better than this. That's the point that I'm trying to make.