...BOMBERS handle....

...I've known this for years...but i see a few fans have just been made aware of the fact that the club was named after heavy weight champion Joe Louis....He was a fantastic boxer....very powerful...I can still remember a few of his fights being aired on the radio (pretty much the big media of the day)..He could hit so hard that a few reporters at ring-side could see his opponents feet leave the canvas ,if he caught them under the chin with one of his punches ...K.O'd big time :lol: Anyway...i believe it's time we started living up to our namesakes tenacity and bring back the hard-hitting winning ways this team used to be known for...Joe Louis- The Brown Bomber -Winner....The Winnipeg Blue Bombers--???(how will the space be filled in for 2010 ):thup: :rockin:

I wish the Bombers would put the video they showed the players on the website. That would be nice to see.

bombers should do alot with their website but they dont...

everyday on the riders site.. they post the media scrum from ken miller.. on the bomber site.. nothing.

i dunno who's running the site but i think they need to be fired..

worst website in the league belongs to the bombers.

I emailed Jeff Bannon and he said they are hoping to use the video on game days.