Bombers hand Argos second loss of season with win

WINNIPEG – The 109th Grey Cup may not have been the perfect night for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but with the two teams meeting once again, this time in 2023, the Bombers were the team to claim victory this time around.

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I have no skin in this game being a Tiger-Cat fan but the playing of a third-string quarterback irks me and seems wholly unnecessary in such a crucial game in the standings for the West. The Argo coach should be reminded that this was a big game and that playing a third-string quarterback is demeaning to the league and only increases the call that the CFL is a bush league.

I have no problem with the Argos playing Dukes and resting some starters. The team was playing reasonably well and Dukes was getting some valuable experience which will come in handy in the playoffs if Kelly gets hurt. I do not agree with lifting Dukes for Scott in the 4th quarter. Dukes had the Argos In position to win and should have given him a chance to finish the game. Scott was useless. If the Argos want to give him some playing time they can try playing him against Ottawa.


Seems to me the Argos played pretty well. Talk about a blowout by some Bomber fans was overblown. The Bombers never got the lead until Dukes got sat down after 1 series in Q4. He threw for 27 less yds in 1 less Qtr than Collaros. Zach seems to be prone to INT’s the past while - that makes 8 the past 4 games. After Scott came in, he didn’t complete a pass so at that point the game was lost.

Both teams got what they wanted. Argos rested some people & didn’t show much on film to the Bombers, running basic packages with their backups. Bombers got a win. You can say they won by 10 & take something from that. Or you can say after scoring a TD on the 1st drive they only had one other TD late in the 4th when Scott was in & the Argos weren’t doing anything on offence.

I wouldn’t put too much on this game. But you got a game that was a 7 point contest till 0.35 seconds from the end, 3rd string QB nothwithstanding, Sundown. Hard to complain the Argos were giving the game away. :smiley:

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I don’t get this…you don’t think the Bombers have film on Tor? Really?
stack the cards any way you want, a win is a win.

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Yes your are correct a win is a win but… last year when the Bombers had it all locked up early and came into BC playing their back up QB and lost… that was no big deal for Winnipeg.

And? That game you’re reffering to was a big win still for BC, right?
I’m not saying it means anything to Tor in the standings am I?

Nah, They beat the Argo’s “C” team. The Argos didn’t even play their “B” team. But true a win is a win. Next week will be that marquee game. If they can beat the Lions again then they can be considered the top team but not until then. I think that the BB will likely make it to the WF, but I am not sure they make it to the GC.

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I think they can. I also think BC can. This next game will determine home field advantage in the WF. I don’t think it determines who wins it. Either of these team can go on the road and win in either stadium.


Bombers…“scoring a TD on the 1st drive they only had one other TD late in the 4th when Scott was in”

Was Scott playing defense?

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No, but you miss my point. Scott went incomplete, incomplete, incomplete incomplete on his 2 possessions meaning the D was on the field all the time. Dinwoodie obviously was not telling him to Just hand off the ball & was letting him get some meaningful reps. No surprise the Bombers scored a TD late, is there? If you want to sugar coat the win @ home, that’s fine. Coming of a week bye that makes it 13-4 for the bye teams. Playing a shorthanded opponent is just gravy.

I’m sure Dinwiddie thought, despite lots of people predicting a blowout & that he was throwing the game away, the Argos could win. He was right. The game, in Duke’s 1st start, in front of a sellout crowd, the loudest maybe in the CFL, the Argos were in it up to the point Scott came in. I give him full credit, after taking Duke out, of not putting in Kelly to finish the last half of the game, just for the sake of trying to win a game. He got what he wanted out of the game - some real time playing experience for players he may need in case of injury. Remember, he played Kelly for a full game to finish 2022. Just having that experience came in handy in the GC IMO.

True. And for that matter so can the 3rd place team if they get hot. The Bombers were a 3rd place club in 2019 & ran the table. I have said a few times the Riders are an awful team. BUT Dolegala has proven he can get hot, like last night, & has beaten the Bombers already. Nothing to say he can’t do it again. Nor that the Argos make it.

As has been proven time & time again, the top regular season team is not always the best team. That honour goes to the GC winner. If memory serves & you can check it, the best regular season team has been 5-6 in the last 11 GC’s - so it’s a coin toss. And the best regular season team of all time, the 16-2 EE club, didn’t even make it to the GC. The 15-2-1 Stamps lost to the sub .500 Redblacks. Can’t wear the crown if you don’t win the Cup - no excuses.

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Yes, you did miss my point. Quarterbacks do not play against each other as you suggest in the way you worded your post. That was the only point I was making.
Could you please point out where in my comment I was “sugar-coating”?

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The title of the thread should read “Argos hand Bombers the win” - when they pulled Dukes out late in the game and the 3rd stringer came and they pulled Oulette out I knew they wouldn’t win this one.

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It not an important game for the Argos. They only want to beat them in the possible “Next” game. And Toronto wants to be health for that run.


It’s a one off game for sure! That’s what makes it exciting

In your opinion, which team do you think outside of Toronto, BC and Winnipeg has the best chance of going on a run? My pick would be Montreal. They look the most complete out of the rest and have played Toronto close twice, granted at home.

Sure the Argos played a good game but putting in a new quarterback at that time in the game was simply an irrational decision by the Argo coach. It is only September with lots of time to give the third-stringer practice. Coaches of the league should not be acting willy-nilly with an inexplicable and irrational quarterback change. The Argo coach owes this to all CFL fans regardless of the team they support.

I was only hoping the Riders weren’t going to play their “C” team vs BC last night. Oh wait they didn’t, man they suck.

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Here’s the thing, Blue. Having film on how a team plays vs other teams & plays vs you are 2 different things. Prime example. Week 3 - Lions pummel Bombers @ IGF & lay 7 sacks on them. Outside the obvious extra 2 weeks rest, Lions on short week & Adams not playing, what changed in the rematch? Well, there are sites where the CFL games are disected in detail. The Bombers essentially played a “TE” in the return matchup throughout & on passing plays often had 7 men blocking to counteract the rush.

I expect the Lions will spend the week studying the game film on the 2 Bomber contests, more so on the loss - not on how the Bombers played the Stamps or Riders. I would rather see how, say, Lawler matched up with Stiggers in a previous game, than how he matched up Marshall.

Actually that “jumbo” package you’re reffering to has been done several times now by the Bombers this year, and was not special for the game vs BC. Any opposition would have to plan for this, and no guarentee that it even happens.

I don’t think Tor would have had anything new in the game if it were an important game. There is enough film on individual players to see how they react in certain situations.
Resting them for 1 game is not somekind of master 3D chess move that gives them an advantage. Again, you’re over thinking things. Studying film from different points in the season, not just one game, is what teams do to prepare.

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