Bombers Grey Cup party article

Can anyone from Winnipeg unlock or gain access to this article. Below is what is from Google news. Looks like some interesting info here:

Bombers planning Grey Cup party to outshine NFL bash
Winnipeg Free Press (subscription), Canada - 7 Feb 2006
... Super Bowl have a good time, but the neat thing about the Grey Cup is it's ... sign down south, he loses considerable leverage in dealing with the Bombers as he ...

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I'd help you out mate, but I don't have an address in WPG, hopfully Papa, Hank, BB, or any other BB fan will help you out.

i think you have 2 subscribe

but you can’t w/o a Manitoban Address, don’t think they would deliver to Ontario (well, maybe) or Georgia.

Thanks anyways guys. Looks like an interesting article, maybe this will come out in a different online pub.

anyone from manitoba, who has the paper who can give us a re-cap?

I really wish we were able to click on the headlines to read the stories ...

I don't think you need to live in Manitoba. I think you can suscribe for online access only. That way you can read the Free Press online every day but never actually get a physical copy of it.