Bombers Grey Cup Bound

What do you say Turkeybend, a preview of November.........

Bombers Vs. Stamps, WPG beats Cal

you heard it here frist

Bombers get knocked out of playoff spot by Esks.

You heard it here first.

Calgary is going to manhandle the Bombers next week.

We just beat the Riders, you just beat Calgary, we have 6 wins, you have 4, WPG not gonna be knocked out by EE.

Yes and everyone has written off the Eskimos! Foolish indeed! Remember Kanga the Eskimos have two very easy games coming up ( sorry Tiger Cat Fans but have to be honest here). The Bombers are in tough so we will have to see. WIth the Riders losing today they gave the Eskimos life there as well. So next week the Stamps will help the Eskimos again by defeating the Bombers! Its a plan for the both Alberta teams to be in the playoffs big deal on that record who cares it is a great subject matter for the Eskimo fans.

I was just about to post the same point as rd2005
The eskies play Ham twice and it should be an easy 4 points.
Hamilton, if there was every a time to come out of your slup its NOW!

even if they win both of those games, and they and wpg for some reason lose every game untill the end of the regular season, WPG still makes the playoffs, cuz you can't CO on a tie, plus their recond agaist EE is in the advatage of the Bombers.

What about the Rider record against the EE?

riders will be just as easy to catch as winnipeg. if the have a better record then wpg theyll be ahea of the riders anywase

Seems a bit early to plan the parade but hopefully today was a big step in that direction. A very satisfying win to be sure. Go Bombers!

What everyone seems to forget is that the Lions traditionally fizzle once the cold weather comes. The west is going to be quite a race this year. And, the esks are not done.
Riders Rule

did you just come out of the free crack clinic??

i always like it when the people who look the most foolish are the ones who surmise things and take other teams for granted...go Ti-Cats......Hamilton da you like that red.... :lol: :lol: :lol:...if the schmoes drop one of could be all she wrote.... :lol:

That could very well happen papazoola, seems to me the Ticats have the ability to play some tough football every so often, plus Mass will be at his finest against the Esks....

I think the Riders will do well enough not to be over come by the EE, and just might do better than BC, who gets beat by Calgary.


  1. Calgary
  2. SSK

  1. BC (replaced by Hamilton) (I wish)

  1. EE

winnipeg vs saskatchewan. a grey cup match for the ages in front of a out of control crowd in Winnipeg. imagine that, it would be amazing and the build up would be huge!!!

Yup, we fizzled in cozy BC Place when we beat the Riders in 2004 to go to the Grey Cup. :roll:

Not to mention all those who picked us to miss the playoffs because we didn't have a back up QB to Dickenson..... :roll:

Here's the hard truth, Eskimo fans ...

Sask and Winnipeg each have 6 wins, Edmonton has 4 (with a game in hand).

Edmonton plays Hamilton, Hamilton, Sask, Toronto, Toronto, Montreal and Sask to round out the season. For Edmonton to make the playoffs in the West, they have to win at least 2, and probably 3, more games than Saskatchewan; if they want to cross over, they have to win at least 3 more games than the Bombers. And frankly, I'm not even sure if they're doing the crossover this year. Also, Edmonton doesn't get any more chances to beat the bombers this year.

Saskatchewan finishes with BC, Edmonton, Montreal, Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. I would be very surprised if Edmonton won both games against Saskatchewan. If they don't, Sask wins the season series, which means Sask will hold the tiebreaker.

Anything can happen, and I'm not saying it will go down this way, but I think it's most likely that Edmonton and Saskatchewan will split their last two games. And so, out of Edmonton's 5 other games, and Saskatchewan's 4 other games, Edmonton has to end up with 3 more wins than Saskatchewan ... if Sask only goes 2-2 over that span, Edmonton has to go 5-0. If Sask goes 0-4, Edmonton still has to go 3-2. You get the (bleak) picture ... though it looks pretty rosy to a Calgarian :slight_smile:

And I also don't think the Bombers are Grey Cup bound ... can you get past the Argos AND Als? We shall see.

I guess it only works if your Turkeybend.