Bombers, Grant agree to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — One of the CFL’s top return threats is staying at home.

Janarion Grant has signed a one-year contract extension with the Blue Bombers, the team announced on Friday. Grant is the 15th-ranked player in’s top 30 free agents list.

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Game changer, good job WBB. :sparkling_heart: :canada: :football:

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Aaand that's makes 11

***BENSON Mike N LS Acadia
***BRYANT Stanley A OL East Carolina
***GAUTHIER Shayne N LB Laval
***GRANT Janarion A WR Rutgers
***Jermarcus Hardrick A OL Nebraska
***Jackson A DL Texas
***LAWRENCE Desmond A DB North Carolina
***MILLER Mike N RB Acadia
***ROSE Winston A DB New Mexico State
***THOMAS Jake N DL Acadia
***WILSON Kyrie A LB Fresno State

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Another positive step towards the Grey Cup. Also a potential highlight machine.

Great news. I remember last year that they signed him much later in the year after he became a free agent. The Bombers are smart by not exposing themselves to that risk again. The other eight teams might not err twice.

Whether you think he is the best returner in the league or not, he has consistently been the best returner in the league for a three year period during which returners on other teams have mostly come and gone. I believe he was paid $90,000 last year. Money well spent. He led the league in return TD’s including two huge returns in the playoffs. I believe he would have been the Grey Cup MVP had Winnipeg managed to win the game.


Hey Cup, who's the "A. Jackson" you have listed as a DL? Is that Jeffcoat?

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I believe it is and believe that the A stands for American and that the N stands for National.

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Ahhh. Didn't even notice the Nat/Amer. Guess he just slipped on the name.
Thought we might have signed some other guy I didn't know about!

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Jon is correct, sometimes my copy and paste may not be as accurate as I wish.

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You know how to copy and paste?

Was that a copy and paste response???

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I just learned to do that last year on a PC even though I’m not a total computer idiot. Just a feature I never learned or used or had a need for. It doesn’t work on my iPhone though.

Doesn't work on my landline either. What does the "I" stand for?. Lol


The “he could break one at any time” man is back. Such a difference maker in the return game. Let’s go for 6 return TDs this year Janarion.

Tomorrow’s a big day working towards February 14th. Exciting couple of weeks ahead.