Bombers got a coach!

A Blue & Berry matching

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have filled their vacant head coaching position, Sportsnet has learned. -- Doug Berry, who spent the past seven seasons with the Montreal Alouettes, will be named head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Thursday, according to Sportsnet Football Insider Eric Tillman.

Berry served as the Alouettes' offensive-line coach for four seasons before being promoted to his current capacity as offensive co-ordinator/quarterbacks coach in 2003. During his seven years with the club, the Als have participated in four Grey Cups, including a 25-16 win over Edmonton in 2002.

A 1973 graduate of the University of New Hamphshire, Berry had extensive experience in United States collegiate football before coming to the CFL.

that's Good news! he should be abou to get the Bombers on track next season. :smiley:

As an Als fan Id like to say something good about him but truth be told I dont know anything about him it was Calvillo that ran the offense not him. So Id be very suprised if the als replace him at all

Hey KK what makes you think Berry’s going to be able
to get the bombers back on track??

Is he the man you were hoping for all along?? Considering
you state its good news, and if so why?

They got a coach.Now they just need a team!LOL
However,they do need a Q.B.

And a GM

They do have a G.M.
The best one in the league.
The Great MILT!!!!!!!!!!!

Eskylo, I think he is happy they have a coach and it won’t be Taman ha ha ha. KK may have been worried they may not get one.

mada7, Calvillo may have been the one calling the plays on the field, but the O.C. is the one who draws these play and select the elements to field to successfully get them done. The O.C. is not a squeaky toy, you know...

....except in Edmonton.......

I know they would get one sooner or later,

and I'm hopeful since he coming from a team that has been very successful in the last few seasons (Montreal has been to the GC 3 times), so I'm hopeful than I would be if it were a guy w/o experience.

Ya but just like Daley if the dufus that finds this talent does not do his job again Berry will be very upset that he took this job.

....Congratulations....Doug Berry.....I 'm very impressed with the guys resume....and I think he will be very successful as sentiments were with Creehan...and judging by some of the posts...the cowboys just breathed a huge sigh of any event we finally have a COACH....and to those who think we don't have a team to go with it....I'll be very happy to see you eat your words next isn't Taman you'll be playing against ....and in a Grey Cup year in the Peg...look for us to make the playoffs with a guy who has a Grey Cup ring ' Doug Berry'and he says he would like that feeling again real for the important question....where did the Al's success stem from... the Don....Calvillo.....or was it Mr. Berry....we;re gonna find out... :lol:

30 years coaching experience and only now getting to wear the head set.............why..........

........relief yes papa, as much as I didn't think Creehan was involved anymore I'm happy that is confirmed now........and I'm glad you guys finally have someone at the helm and ready to begin for '06........good luck........

Congrats and I think is was an excellent move. Too bad Ottawa didnt take it so seriously looking for their new coach.

Well things are looking up for the Peg in 2006, with hosting the GC and the AHL All Star game in march (GO MOSSE!).

I hope lighting doesn't strike twice, and I'm remain optimistic that 2006 will be a great season for the Bombers.

Selecting a coach is a good thing ..can't hurt, I know that for sure.
Now thats done, we can start to biuld a CFL war machine...
This machine has to be lean and mean, with the ability to strike from long and short range posistion.
The Defence will cost major money, case hardened steel curtain is costly..
When finished this spring, we'll march through the WEST, crushing the enemy.
We will return home, and stick it to the beast from the east...

His previous jobs must have been really behind the scenes, because in all the years I've been following the CFL, the first time I heard the name "Doug Berry" was yesterday when he was introduced as the Bombers' head coach.

I hope for the sake of the Bombers and their fans that this was the right decision, and that they will be better next year. But there is always the very real possibility that the head coach wasn't their problem in 2005; and if that's true, expect more of the same from the blue and gold, and yet another head coach's head to roll.

Yeah it might not have been their coach last year.However they can't get any worse than last year can they?