Bombers going to Super Bowl

Former Bombers Jon Ryan and Chris Mathews both made BIG plays in yesterday's Seahawks/Packers game and are on their way to the Super Bowl.

Ryan was the first punter in NFL history to throw a TD pass in the post season. It must have been especially galling for Packers fans as Green Bay cut him some years ago.

Mathews made a beaut of a play to recover an onside kick and keep the Seahawks comeback alive with about 2 mins left in the game.

That settles who I'm going to be pulling for.

Definitely will be cheering for Seattle.
I had actually forgotten that Matthews was on Seattle until that play happened.. Was quite surprised to hear his name, and then it still took a few minutes to realize who he was and that he was an ex-Bomber! Glad to see he's getting to contribute.

And Jon Ryan.... what else is there to say about the guy... He's such a beauty.

The only other player I can think of off the top of my head who used to play in the CFL, that will be in the super bowl, is Brandon Browner who now plays for the Pats. He also played for Seattle before... seems Seattle really likes to find players from the CFL

Browner played for the Stampeders for 4 years before going to Seattle. I think Seattle cut or traded him after one or two failed drug related incidents, and he went to the Patriots last NFL off season.

A huge catch by Matthews to set up a TD. :thup:

AND another one.