Bombers Giving tickets away

Looks like the Bombers might fill the Stadium tomorrow, all the volunteers that are helping shovel all the snow from the Stadium will get FREE tickets to tomorrows game! good deal i say, might be a decent crowd now :slight_smile:

Is this sarcastic or are you honestly dissing a charity drive? FYI all tickets given away will be in the south end 'Touchdown Tent' zone usually reserved for group bookings. Many volunteers today strapped up to clear snow from Canad Inns stadium where they made $8.50 an hour to go to minor sports organization or charity of their choice. Those who put 4 hours in receive tickets at the Touchdown Tent for tomorrows playoff game against the Eskimos.

At any rate I would like to now welcome Rdierfan23 to his now failed thread.

Ticket sales are 27,000+ now and considering last years playoff game of 22,500+ where CBC commentators made several mentions of the raucous crowd noise I think we will do fine, thanks for the condescension.

If I lived in Winnipeg, I definitely would have grabbed a shovel and headed to the stadium.

turnout was great, and for a great cause.

i would have come if not for work. but i think its good that people showed up to do it for the team and the charities.

When the GC was in the peg in '06 i volunteered and got 2 free tickets to the game. so giving some tickewts to volunteers for the east semi is no problem in my eyes.

Way to go to the Good folks of winterpeg, I would have loved to do that as we hardly ever get to shovel snow in Vancouver.

i'm just mentioning what i seen on the news and think its a great idea!

Yeah I think I took your post the wrong way :slight_smile: