Bombers giving Canad-Inns seats to hockey

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have donated one thousand Canad Inns Stadium seats to Lundar, Manitoba. Volunteers from Lundar, including hockey players, pitched in to remove the seats from the stadium and transport them to their arena.

my thought is, there are some football stadiums that could use seats. i'm not sure why those clubs ( Montreal ) don't inquire about the seats? could add seats all thoughout molson stadium, but add brand new seats to the premium sections.

heck, even if the seats go to some college football stadium. i'm sure someone could use a few thousand free seats.

Nice sign of teamwork and cooperative resource sharing there in Manitoba. Beauty. :thup:

Excellent idea. The same should be done with their Jumbotron video board. It may not be in Winnipeg but I am sure that a CIS football/athletic venue could use a nice Jumbotron. The Bombers could certainly have it come with its name and Logo attached to promote the Bombers and the CFL. The CIS is the main feeder to the CFL for Canadian players a win all the way around. Hamilton should be looking to do the same. The University of Guelph does not need one but the Ti Cats and the CFL are looking to strengthen their fan base from that area and perhaps Waterloo or Laurier could use one. Im not sure is TD Waterhouse has one, if not an excellent option for the Ti Cats Logo to seen with the many events held at the venue. U of Windsor also a great place if one is needed.

The Jumbotron is for sale if a team wants to buy it. It's not really something to be given away.

Are the Bombers going to be selling any of the seats to fans? Surely there'd be some collector interest among Winnipeg fans. When Exhibition Stadium was torn down I bought 16 seats (four sets of 4) to build a mini grandstand in my basement.

Seats have been on sale for a few weeks. They have commemorative items that include turf and pieces of turf were also sold separately. They even have the trough from the men's washrooms for sale (and yes some pieces of it have been sold already). The Rum Hut recently sold for $10,000 in an auction for charity. They are selling practically everything including old cutlery and dishes.

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