Bombers get no respect...

I’m sick of the media and everyone else placing the Bombers in the leagues basement. The Bombers have been transfered back and forth between the East and the West to accomadate the CFL and try to help this league grow. What other CFL teams have been shuffled back and forth like that. They comply with the sallary Cap to the best ot there abillity while still trying to compete with teams that break league rules and cheat to win. ( Edm, Tor, BC) to name a few. We receive very little finacial support from our provincial governments while I’m sure other teams still receive. (But not sure). I wonder what kind of slanderous comments will Shultz and Jock make this year about the Blue. Like they had shinning careers in this league. Ya right.

I am surprised that little old Winnipeg is even welcome in this league. I mean they are talking about trying to add a tenth team but it seems that according to everyone who isn’t a Bomber fan that we are not even good enough to be in this league. When the Bombers win, we are called a dirty team that show boats in the end zone with dances. I forgot no other team is happy to score. It must just be the bombers.
We even have a Canadian Coach, we are such a bunch of losers.
The fact of the matter is, Win or lose the CFL has little to no respect for the Bombers. It is about time our team gets a fair shake. We are tring to get by. We are not the biggest city, our stadium is pretty tiny, We don’t have a millionaire owner.
What we do have is heart. I believe in the Blue, I beleive in the City. I hope we shove those odds right up the a** of the odds makers this season. Give the Blue a little credit. We are a CFL team also.

By the way Chris Shultz is the biggest goof around and Jock, well his name speaks for itself.

Go Bombers. We have the best fans in the league.

I agree with a lot of what you say. Both the Bombers and the Riders try to stay within the salary cap, and we never rely on the League to bale us out of financial problems. Truthfully, I can’t see the Bombers doing really well this year, but I hope I am wrong. I’d love to see them finish second in the West, right behind the Riders.

Go Bombers and Riders, the heart and soul of the cfl.

There is no salary cap right now.

There is no salary cap right now.

Winnerpegger, I think that what you’ve said is correct to an extent, but bear in mind that when we had winning seasons a couple years ago and were in the Grey Cup a lot of our players were trash talking the Stampeders a week before the big game, and some of those end zone dances went a little bit overboard. As for being a dirty team, I don’t recall our boys being labelled as such, maybe it was because Brandon Dyson used to play here. Also, I wouldn’t say our stadium is tiny, in fact it has a larger capacity than Taylor Field, Ivor Wynne, Frank Clair and Molson Stadium. Anyways, I do agree with you that a lot of people have perhaps unfairly thrown the Bombers in the basement and have completely written them off. This is how I see it though. Even though we had a topsy turvy, up and down season last year and got blown out in a couple games, we still managed to make a play-off run late in the season. Although there are still a lot of question marks surrounding this team, I see that as the Bombers having potential. Besides, having all the pundits write us off is a good thing, nobody expects us to do anything, there’s no pressure on our team to perform, nothing to lose. Just have faith Pegger, don’t let the cynics get you down. We’ll do alright this year, we just need a little time to gel.

Don’t worry…winning chages everything! Except, if you are from the ARGOS! :wink:

i dont think this year’s winnipeg team is a bottom feeder, but if not them who? maybe the gades, maybe the stamps. but the stamps are decent and the gades are improving. every team stepped it up.

maybe the bottom feeder could end up being…a team that suffers key injuries…or has ended up with the short end of the scheduling stick… (one reason I don’t make wild predictions) and other intangibles that can take a winner to the basement in a hurry. In this league anything can happen that’s what makes it so great…you just never know. Granted a team loaded with talent and vets are going to be looked upon as the ‘winner’ by pundits and fans alike …BUT there are no guarantees…so with all that in mind BOMBERS have just a good a shot as anyone. :arrow:

Hay Whinerpeg, Look at the brite side, Sask can’t beat your team, and after all thats all that counts in the Peg, beat Sask and it’s been not a bad year. Oh and maybe you should see a Doc. and get that thorn removed from your butt, before it festers, or you’ll have to stand for the whole game. :twisted:

Bombers didn’t do much to earn any respect in that game against the Riders.


The BB’s needed to earn some credibility with the slander they’ve been associated with by media. Really, they looked like a team unsure of themselves against the Riders. Those are good observations I just made, actually.

I love Daley as our head coach, Rod Rust especially.

OH and I almost forgot to mention another (seperate) subject. On the matter of opinion Winnerpegger has about Schultz and Climie.

I agree with the fact.

Climie and Schultz can eat a bag of d*cks. There’s nothing worse then hearing a bunch of hypocrites at their worst, Dunigan, Climie and Schultz all formerly football players make the worst CFL analysts on television. I’m not being seriously pretentious when I say that. Randorf I don’t mind… but when it comes to the BEST commenators on T.V. Peterson and John Wells are above and beyond my favorite. Even though they’re working for TSN.

GAWD I hate TSN.

loserpegger stop crying i HATE EDM BC and MTL with a passion and would love to see loserpeg finish 2nd, but its not happening.





Didn’t WINNIPEG pay 1 million$ for KAHRI…?

But I agree that it is too early in the season to tell anything.

It is a long season.