Bombers get desperate... call Lumsden

the stamps are not desperate. they have an amazing team right now, so they got nothing to luze by signing him. last year, edmonton was going to build the new offense around him. In calgary they will try to find a spot for him. maybe a short yard guy like sarka(as was noted by a riders fan earlier in this thread). or perhaps use him for a wild cat formation. this is a grear fit for both Calgary and lumsden. less preassure on him( like in hamilton when they put it all on him to win, and printers) and edmonton(where he was going to headline the offense). In calgary, he would just be one other player. use him as a tough team with tate and cote on short goal line stuff. or set him on tight end like they did with johnson in years past. im all for it. that will be my next jersey if he signs with calgary.

From all what I've read in the papers, he would only be brought in to the Stamps when the practice rosters expand next month. Most likely Calgary would bring him in for potential subbing for injuries or special teams possibly. Also I'm not sure of John Cornish's contract status. He may be an FA next year and could be gone, so this may be more of a move for next year than anything. Jesse probably also trains out of Calgary for the Canadian bobsled team, so on that angle it works better for him. I don't see Huffer running to sign this guy though. There is no way he is starting or rotating here this year unless they think he can be an upgrade over the other Canadian backup RB Rob Cote.


It’s too bad Lumsden doesn’t ride skeleton instead of bobsled. I’d pay money to watch the “Glass Tiger” shatter into a million pieces on the Vancouver track :twisted:

According to TSN, Lumsden is close to signing with the Stamps, and he could be on the practice field as early as this week…

I thought the Stamps were nuts to consider this guy, but in reality its a no lose situation.

  1. Players are on board :thup:
  2. Wont cost us much :thup: :thup:
  3. Maybe he can help :thup: :thup: :thup:

He's on the practice roster now, and when he cracks the starting lineup they're saying he'll be used primarily on special teams. Because of his success at tailback, people have forgotten that he was also a kick returner at Mac, and when he first came to the Cats, he did the same job here. Got some butts out of the seats every time he touched the ball.

Still, I think we all know how this is going to end, no matter how sparingly he's used. How many hits did it take last year before his season was over? Three? Four? He claims he's 100% now, stronger than ever...all things he's said every time he's come back from injury in the past. I don't wish it on him, but I'm willing to bet he won't be in the lineup to face his old team when the Cats visit McMahon in October.

Are you counting pre-season and practice or just regular season? If just regular season, the answer is one.

I’m sure there is nothing mean spirited in these last two posts.
I’m sure you both don’t really wish/hope that he gets hurt again.
Both want him to be successful away from your hamlets.

Exactly what did I say that was mean spirited. I answered a question - in the first regular season game last season, Lumsden was injured the first time he was hit. That's a fact.

I don't want to see Lumsden injured again. I don't know if he will be or not - time will tell. was the way you were pecking your keyboard really hard :twisted: :twisted:

i wish Hamilton(tigercats?) would have picked him up, his price tag went down after the last injury, but if used as a kick returner or a slot he can gain some big yardage!! How fitting it would be for lummer if he ran wild over the T.C,s in Edmonton in november :twisted:

Looks like we'll be seeing Lumsden in action tonight. He'll be playing on special teams.

well, hopefully he lasts more than 1 hit tonight! :smiley:

That's cold, man... :lol:

Good luck to him, he certainly has the talent (still)to have a stellar career.

I still regard him as the most talented running back I've ever seen, unfortunately he was the most fragile I've ever seen... :frowning:

I dont mean to insult you or offend you, but am I right in guessing you havent been around very long??

Lapo is desperate and auditions are starting this week for next year. He'll look at as many veterans out their that he can. Kinda like Tillman bringing back Armstaed? So much for his past comments about only hiring good character players when he was in Sasky.