Bombers get desperate... call Lumsden

The Return of Gentle Jessie.

Some players seem to have better instincts on how to protect themselves and perhaps have a natural higher level of flexibility to absorb punishment and remain strong. Jessie is not one of them. At least he'll have something in common with Buck Pierce.

Not likely...

The Edmonton Eskimos are rushing in a replacement for the injured Arkee Whitlock.

Recent acquisition Brad Lester will start at running back in Friday’s rematch against the Calgary Stampeders after Whitlock injured his foot in last Monday’s Labour Day Classic.

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I'd luv to see Jesse return. Not to get hurt or crippled. But, what if, just what if all the bad luck was behind him and he went on to become a CFL legend. History is filled with amazing stories and what if's. Not impossible, not likely, you just never know. But there's no denying this good ol Canadian boy has heart and desire. As long as he's willing to risk his health and he believes, we should too.

What if?

My guess is this is the year the Bombers go with players made of glass...shatter on contact.

Seriously though, Buck Pierce deserved another shot....he proved that at the start of the season. But some people are simply not cut out for endurance at this level....he's proved that as well.
Neil Lumsden was a of the best I've ever seen. His son needs to find himself another job, before he gets himself killed....or worse.

Your not going to die from a bad shoulder ! Just football may not be a good fit :lol:

True enough
But just look at Buck Pierce. Everybody was worried about his concussions coming into Winnipeg.
And he's gone down with a knee and a dislocated elbow.
Some people are just too fragile to play pro football.
Who knows what else might happen to Lumsden if he pursues this?

I don't know if signing Lumsden is a smart move by the Bombers... another injury and you can his bones for kindling...

Sign him for cheap and use him as a specialty back with limited carries. He's so talented and I just want to see him succeed.

You definitely have to be durable to play football, especially RB. Injury is inevitable for RB's as they are pounding against bigger men then themselves. I suspect they are looking at him for some sort of hybrid RB/SB type of position, they also just brought an import kid in who does that to return KO's as well. We'll see what happens.

Looks like the deal is dead. Jesse tried to sign the contract but dislocated his shoulder lifting the pen.


I could see someone signing him and using him in a Chriz Szarka fashion.

Now apparently Calgary is interested in him... :lol:

Why wouldn't you sign Jesse Lumsden?

as far as im concerned so would sign him to a contract that depends on how he performs, really its a win-win. If he gets hurt you don't lose much andif he's healthy and performs well the team just made a steal, thats what the Bombers did with Buck Pierce...

TSN is saying Lumsden turned down the Bombers. this guy really in any position to be turning teams down? :lol:

funniest thing all day...

could be true,

id like to see him healthy and back in hamilton!

he might end up in Calgary in the first week of October. we have enough running backs. maybe more him to tight end or something like that. the huffer said when the Practice roster expands, its a possibility.

If he ends up in Calgary alot of teams will regret it. Speculation is by some people is that since the National Bobsleigh team train in Calgary he'd be able to set up shop there full time.

In any case, the guy has talent. It's undeniable and I don't see what's the downfall. Bring him in for the league minimum on a performance based bonus contract and you really can't lose. If the 9-1 Stamps are looking to add him, that tells me that maybe some other teams should be considering bringing him in.

almost want to keep him, just to stop the stamps from having him!

i heard the same thing about the bobsledding thing. the only thing now is Calgary is waiting until the practice roster opens up in a couple weeks. other teams could grab him now.

....guess the Bombers weren't that deperate :lol: Jesse will not sign with the Bombers as was announced today...Off to Cal. for some bobsledding i guess... which begs the question 'have the stamps become desperate'/////????? :roll: :lol: :lol: