Bombers get desperate... call Lumsden

It's not April yet, so this can't be a joke... I'm confused. :?

Why would the Bombers want to do this? They have Fred Reid with Yvenson Bernard as a formidable backup. Then they've got three non-imports as fullbacks/backup running backs. From a personnel standpoint, I don't get this.

ya I don't see the purpose of this move. what's Reid going to think?

Probably that the team is looking at a Canadian back-up to him. He probably will miss little or no sleep unless he has a late beer with Lumsden.

I thought it was pretty obvious that the Bombers are still auditioning players for the team ? Sign him to the practice roster, work him out and see what happens.

seems to me, the bombers need to be a lot more concerned about their defense.

...I don't have time to read the article, tell me quick, what did they call him?

Hopefully brittle, injury prone, Mr. Glass...

Bang on there, FYB.

It's worth a shot. They really don't have anything to lose. Fred Reid will still be the guy, but having two capable tailbacks is never a problem. Just look at the way Calgary mixes up Reynolds and Cornish.

The only issue is whether or not Jesse is healthy. And how long until he gets injured?

We all know how this will end if he ends up playing :frowning:

.....oooooooooooo, he's not goingto like that one bit

I really don't get this one... the Buck Pierce experiment is a major failure, so you are going to try again with Lumsden?? Good Luck with that, you are going to need it.

We will have to dig up all the Eskimo threads on defending Lumsden being injury prone and re use those!
All joking aside that shoulder will never be 100%. You dislocate your shoulder as many times as he did, the muscles and tendons holding that shoulder in place never recover fully and it's very easy to dislocate that shoulder again !

…you might have some searching ahead of you then kasps, because I think the only person defending Jesse Lumsden was Jesse Lumsden

And from the Winnipeg Free Press:

It's also possible the Edmonton Eskimos may wish to revisit their association with Lumsden given an injury to Arkee Whitlock on Monday.

As much as I don't understand Lumsden going to Winnipeg - Edmonton makes more sense with Arkee being out - I wish Jesse all the best and hope that he can finally have prolonged health and success in the CFL. He participated in the Olympics on the bobsled team which is a gruelling, demanding sport with no injuries so maybe there is still the possiblity of a future in football.

I hope this works out for JL, the kid deserves some good luck for a change.

And that means...? As far as I know, no one in Edmonton has contacted him, and no one should.

lol @ chief, looks like you may have just stepped in it this time.