Bombers full retro uniforms UNVEILED

Look Great! :thup: :rockin:

Brings back memories. I prefer the W without the lightening bolt through it.

Not as good as Montreal's 70s unis, but I really do like these ones, too.

I guess I'm just a sucker for the way things looked in my youth.

Oooh! I like the blue. :smiley:

Those were nice.

.....great stuff :thup: ,,,,,I wouldn't mind if they kept them permanently but i guess that would be like living in the past 8)

I'm excited to see Toronto's retro unis, as well. Blue and Green are my favourite colours. :thup:

Man I miss those uni's. They look great!!! Me thinks they should keep those :thup:

Might get your wish, papa. A petition was started with links posted at EP and OB to bring back the royal blue and a Bomber employee (Jeff) posted in the EP thread "A Petition at this time isn't needed. Good things come to those that wait." Mike, who posts at those two sites, had said that he was told by a sales rep for the company who supplies the uniforms to the CFL that there are going to be new unis next season. The comment by Jeff would seem to lend credence to that rumour.

I've always thought the Bombers had the nicest unis in the league and this just proves it to me :thup:

Pretty snazzy!

I second that. Oh yes, the memories. :smiley:

Excellent looking uni's! I'd put these right up there with the Awesome Al's ones!

Those were great uniforms. Even the previous jerseys (the ones just previous with the current ones) were sharp looking. ANYTHING but those gawd awful gold ones they wear on occasion.

yup, they should have at least kept that shade of Gold and blue.

don't like it when they changed everything. especially when they went to those dastardly blue helmets.. yuck.

Those look excellent, brings me back to the old bc lions / winnipeg bluebombers games at bc place 60,000 people, sold out usally 2-3 days before the game. Tom Clemnts, Willard Reeves, Jeff Boyd.

I prefer these too, as well as the regular W instead of the lightning bolt W. But I do think they screwed up the pants. To be true retro, they would not be that metallic gold. Back then I think the pants were more Mustard and not Shiny.

These ones look like a modern version of retro, which in my opinion should be their full time uni.

IMO the best uniforms in Football Period.

I like'em all...